How 8 Companies Are Celebrating Pride Month and Supporting LGBTQIA+ Employees All-Year Long

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May 26, 2024 at 2:29AM UTC

This year, New York City Pride announced that the theme of Pride Month was “Strength in Solidarity.” In a time when there is an increase of dangers faced by the LGBTQIA+ community, this theme highlights how important it is to remain resilient, highlight the cultural significance of the LGBTQIA+ community, and acknowledge “every individual’s uniqueness and ability to wield tremendous power when united with others.” 

Uplifting and supporting one another is imperative. And, this month, we’ve featured different stories on the Fairygbodboss blog about how individuals are doing just that. Companies, too, can play an important role in showing solidarity with and supporting the LGBTQIA+ community. Today, we’re highlighting eight companies that are doing just that!

Alight Solutions

This Pride Month, Alight stands together as a united force, celebrating diversity, equality, and inclusion. They know that this month holds immense significance, not only as a colorful festivity of the LGBTQIA+ community, but also as a powerful reminder of the ongoing fight for equality and inclusion. At Alight, they believe in creating an environment where everyone feels safe, valued, and respected for who they are.

As part of this, their amazing LGBTQIA+ Employee Resource Group, Alight’s Pride Professional Network (PPN), together with Alight’s Inclusion and Diversity team, prepared a global program to ensure that Alight as a whole gets a chance to celebrate, get involved, show support, and seize this opportunity to learn, grow, and honor the rich tapestry of their diverse workforce through a variety of events and activities, as well as through providing meaningful resources. Alight is committed to creating a culture of safe spaces for all colleagues, celebrating diversity, and celebrating you. Happy Pride!

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Capital Group

At Capital Group, you define yourself by more than just a job title; the company wants you to feel comfortable bringing your true self to work! Capital Group values your talents, your traditions, and your take on the world — everything that makes you unique. Throughout the year, they are working hard to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion, both within and outside of their company. 

As part of this culture, Capital Group is aware that life looks different for everyone, which is why they provide a diverse range of benefits that reinforce their commitment to all associates and their families, helping them grow personally, professionally, and financially. Included in this are their comprehensive LGBTQ benefits (for the U.S. community), including an inclusive family-building benefit, transgender services, and CG Pride, which is a Capital Group Community open to all associates!

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Klaviyo is a unified customer platform that gives online brands direct ownership of their consumer data and interactions, empowering them to turn transactions with customers into productive long-term relationships — at scale. The company believes in a future where all creators have ownership of their destiny. And they know that getting there means that Klaviyo must prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion so that everyone gets a fair shot at success. They believe that when people can bring their true selves to work every day, Klaviyo will create a better product, better company, and —  most of all — better humans. In exchange, Klaviyo can promise you a safe, supportive environment that uplifts you at work and beyond. 

Throughout the year, the K-Pride Klaviyo Resource Group (KRG) fosters a strong community for queer, questioning, and LGBTQIA+ Klaviyos. Through Pride Month and beyond, KRGs like K-Pride put on exciting events to build community and understanding among the Klaviyo team.

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Moody’s is committed to advancing the cause of LGBTQIA+ inclusion. This includes non-discrimination workplace protections, domestic partner benefits, transgender-inclusive healthcare benefits, competency programs, and public engagement with the LGBTQIA+ community. Throughout the year, Moody’s Pride business resource group (BRG) advocates a work environment that respects, welcomes, and supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender professionals and enables them to perform to their fullest potential and contribute to the greater goals of the firm. Scott Kenney, Moody’s Risk and Chief Audit Executive, has also been recognized as one of INvolve’s “Outstanding Top 100 LGBT+” Executive Role Models in 2022 for his dedication to DEI at Moody’s and beyond.

And, in honor of Pride Month, Moody’s celebrates the incredible contributions of their LGBTQIA+ employees and allies who make their company a place where everyone can thrive. Moody's recognizes the importance of each unique voice and perspective, and their commitment to creating an inclusive workplace is a core value that they embrace every day!

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Nike, Inc.

At NIKE, Inc., it’s in their nature to innovate, and their mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete (they believe that if you have a body, you’re an athlete) in the world. To Nike, innovation is about elevating human potential. And part of achieving this potential is embracing different perspectives — from scientists and designers to coders and quarterbacks — because Nike knows that everyone brings unique experiences and ideas to the team.

Nike stands for visibility and inclusion of individual identity and expression. In regards to the LGBTQIA+ community, Nike hosts a PRIDE Network, which welcomes all employees diverse in sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. This Pride Month, Nike also launched the 2023 Be True Collection — a celebration of the power of the global LGBTQIA+ community — in collaboration with artist Zoe Schlacter (they/them). Thanks to work like this, Nike has been named as one of the Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality 2022 by the Human Rights Campaign for 20 years in a row.

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Sysdig — a company that is driving the standard for cloud and container security — is creating a workplace where everyone feels welcome, a workplace where every employee knows that they belong. Sysdig employees come from a wide range of ethnic, social, and cultural backgrounds, and the company’s mission is to give these employees the power to share their knowledge and experiences and help create a more open and connected workplace. One way that Sysdig achieves this is through benefits and initiatives that truly support their diverse team!

And, at Sysdig, they celebrate Pride Month and stand with the LGBTQIA+ community worldwide. Sysdig believes in authenticity and the power of diversity and that, together, they can create a world that values and embraces each and every one of us just the way we are!

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Wiley Edge

At Wiley Edge, the emerging talent and reskill training partner for public and private organizations across the globe, they want to inspire everyone to go further than they thought possible. As part of this, Wiley Edge is a strong proponent of belonging without conforming. Wiley Edge believes that inclusion should embrace the diversity within a workforce, not absorb away the differences — and they've seen the benefits of this belief at Wiley Edge HQ and want to keep doing their bit to drive change.

As part of this belief, Wiley Edge is participating in Pride Month by sharing actionable advice for employees, such as on the importance of allyship and the importance of Pride Month itself. All year, employees can also participate in a variety of employee resource groups and utilize benefits that support DEI and aid in creating a more inclusive future. 

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Zimmer Biomet

Zimmer Biomet is a global medical technology leader with a comprehensive portfolio designed to maximize mobility and improve health. When you join Zimmer Biomet, you join a team committed to improving people’s lives. Zimmer Biomet values diversity and practices equity and inclusion, leveraging their diverse backgrounds, experiences, and ideas to transform the patient experience. They believe in The Power of Us, a phrase the company uses to represent the idea that each Zimmer Biomet team member has an impact and, collectively, their team powers their mission to alleviate pain and improve the quality of life for people around the world.

At Zimmer Biomet, diversity, equity, and inclusion come to life through their culture promises and in their environment. For instance, Exhale, an employee resource group (ERG) at the company, champions LGBTQIA+ diversity, equity, and inclusion globally at Zimmer Biomet and beyond. And, this Pride Month, Zimmer Biomet is making sure to celebrate their LGBTQIA+ team members, recognize LGBTQIA+ culture and rights, and uplift the community’s voices. As part of this, the Exhale ERG raised the Pride flag at Zimmer Biomet’s headquarters in Warsaw, Indiana to kick-off the celebration and affirm their commitment to being a safe and inclusive space for all members of the ZB family.

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