How to Celebrate Halloween at the Office – And Still Get Stuff Done

Here’s a look at what every type of workplace can do to get into the Halloween spirit.



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Deborah Sweeney102 CEO
May 29, 2024 at 3:59PM UTC

Break out all the spooky things, because October 31st is just around the corner! Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, which means corporate offices and startups alike will be celebrating the fall holiday at the workplace

Is there a right way to go about doing this spooky celebration? Or should you dive right into setting up an elaborate, in-office haunted house for the whole team? 

We've got your answer. Here are a few things each and every kind of workplace can do to get into the Halloween spirit:

1. Set out candy and snack bowls.

Bite-sized treats are always a good idea. Set out candy and snack bowls in the company break room containing individually wrapped candies and snacks, and encourage coworkers to keep some eats on-hand at their desks, too. 

Not every Halloween goodie needs to be made out of chocolate, either. You can bring in organic candy corn, popcorn balls, and veggie chips shaped like ghosts and bats. Also, anything pumpkin spice-flavored is bound to get gobbled up by your team. Just saying. 

2. Get everyone to participate in a costume contest!

If you’ve been given the all-clear to hold a costume contest, encourage your fellow coworkers to dress up and join the fun. 

Need a pro-tip to keep costumes from getting too controversial or inappropriate at the workplace? Set an all-ages friendly theme for the contest. From dressing up as your favorite Disney character to the Harry Potter house you’d be sorted in at Hogwarts, you can easily find a theme that allows everyone to get creative (without being crass). 

3. Decorate your desks.

Bring a little bit of the crisp fall weather from the outdoors inside! Give your desk a Halloween-décor inspired spin. Fairygodboss has rounded up some of the best items that you can decorate your desk with during autumn, including colorful pencil holders, themed mouse pads, and tiny festive figurines.

4. Host a potluck lunch.

No, this doesn’t mean bringing in more candy. Host a potluck lunch for the team featuring Halloween-themed eats for everyone. From trail mix to deviled spider eggs to boo-scotti (it’s just as cute as it sounds), encourage everyone to bring in a themed dish for the holiday.

Be sure to talk your ideas over with your boss first.

Before you begin planning a crazy costume contest, it’s a good idea to run your thoughts past your boss or HR department. They may already have plans in motion for celebrating in the office. There might also be a company policy that determines whether you can actually go through with these ideas or not. Make sure that any of the ideas you present are well thought out, with an understanding of what the pros and cons for each plan may be, and if these plans present any budgetary concerns. 

Now, go have a happy Halloween! 


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