4 Things to Know Before Taking a Babymoon

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Babymoons are all the rage for expectant parents today. As you go through the stages of pregnancy, you might find yourself wondering just what this new tradition is all about. Why would parents take a special vacation before their child is born? Didn’t they already have a honeymoon when they got married?
The truth is, adding a child to the family is a huge step. Couples become busy preparing for the new addition and become tangled up in emotions as the due date approaches. Couples don’t always realize that this stress can create a divide between the couple at a time when they need to be united the most.

What’s a babymoon vacation?

Here are summaries of the two different babymoon types:
The newer type of babymoons happens before the birth of the child. Today, many couples (or single parents) choose to take a babymoon vacation for one last time before becoming parents. They might visit vacation resorts, stay at a local hotel or just stay home and relax together. Pampering and checking off your bucket list are great ways to fuel yourself for the big parenting task ahead.
The original type of babymoon involves the entire family immediately after birth. Recently, more parents choose to take a few weeks of special time off work and other commitments. It’s a great time to bond with baby and secure your new family identity. Some even go as far as to not allow visitors until this time is over.

Why should you take a babymoon?

With babymoon basics out of the way, you might be wondering if you should take a babymoon vacation. There are lots of reasons why you should try it, including these  benefits:
  • You can take advantage of that last stretch of time as a couple before the baby joins the equation.
  • Taking a break from everyday responsibilities is a good way for parents-to-be to relax and focus on family.
  • It’s a great way to stock up on precious rest before you’re spread thin throughout the endless day and nighttime hours.
  • Use babymoon time to reflect together on life and future goals as a family (or finally agree on a baby name).
  • A babymoon can recharge your energy levels after a long first half of pregnancy. After the vacation, you’ll be ready to push through the home stretch of the pregnancy.
  • Restore the intimacy in your relationship by bonding together one last time before the baby comes.

6 best babymoon locations. 

When it comes to planning a babymoon vacation, the possibilities are endless. Cost may be an issue, or it may be hard to carve out time in your schedule. The babymoon shouldn’t stress you out, even when planning. Remain as flexible as possible when planning to make it a pleasant experience. 
Here are some babymoon location options to help you get started:

1. Beach resorts

This may be the first image that comes to mind when you imagine a vacation escape. Find resorts that are all-inclusive and allow you to walk along the beach, complete with rushing waves on and sand on your toes.

2. Tropical islands

Take the beach vacation a step further by visiting tropical islands. With current Zika virus scares, you might want to hold off on some island destinations. Safer options include Bermuda, Santorini and Ibiza, which can offer you the feeling of peaceful escape from reality.

3. Spa resorts

Perhaps a shared weekend of pampering enjoyed together would spark a flame between you and your partner. You both could use the relaxing release of spa treatments like massage, saunas and aromatherapy. This type of escape allows you and your partner to focus on letting go for a while increasing your intimacy.

4. “Staycation”

If travel and spa services are outside your price range, simply staying at home with your partner can feel like a vacation, too. If you can find a way to spend a week, or even just a weekend, at home with your partner and away from the outside world, you’ll be able to bond on your “staycation” watching movies, cooking together and snuggling.

5. Hawaii

Here’s a travel spot that allows you to experience tropical beaches while remaining within the United States. You won’t need to worry about passports or long flights with multiple layovers when visiting this state. Learn Hawaiian history and culture by visiting local landmarks, eating local food and enjoying the ocean.

6. Hotel

Another less expensive option is to take your babymoon at a local hotel. Get a room with a big jacuzzi so you can fully soak your pregnant body in a relaxing bubble bath (with or without your partner). Enjoy being time together by enjoying room service, swimming in the hotel pool or enjoying hotel entertainment.

When should you go on a babymoon?

Most moms-to-be take babymoon vacations toward the end of the second trimester or beginning of the third trimester. Any later in the pregnancy, travel may be difficult for an uncomfortable mother.
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that women shouldn’t travel after 36 weeks of pregnancy. When you’re that close to birth, it’s a gamble traveling and not having access to your preferred home hospital, or any hospital (i.e. flying).
Walking through airports too much and other stresses of travel can even stimulate the start of labor without adequate rest and caution. When you’re planning, remember that you won’t want to sit for too long during travel or deal with multiple airline layovers.
Take your babymoon when you’re still comfortable and safely distant from your due date. If it feels too late for travel, try other options like a nearby spa and hotel or, just relax at home.

Take care of yourself and each other.

Babymoons may be pretty new, but they’re catching on quickly because they allow soon-to-be parents to spend much-needed time together, intimately and away from outside distractions.
Having a baby is a fun time in life, but above all, parents must first learn to take care of themselves. By caring for your well-being, you, as a parent, regenerate strength to perform your job. Self-care is essential for all parents.
Do yourself a favor and take a babymoon. Whether that means a weekend on the couch with your partner or visiting a tropical resort, there’s a way for every expectant couple or single parent to take advantage of this precious time before baby.

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