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How to Work from Home: 37 Kinds of Telecommuting Jobs You May Not Have Realized Were Possible

Telecommuting jobs

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For those interested in telecommuting jobs either because you want more work-life balance or control over your personal life, you may rightly suspect that there are certain kinds and lines of work that lend themselves better to remote-working. Despite great advances in technology and a shifting workplace culture that permits flexible working, or remote and telecommuting work, it still seems like most jobs are traditionally set to be on-site, in an office or other setting.

Many telecommuting and remote jobs are not ever listed on job sites because many are negotiated by full-time employees or part-time employees who convince their managers and employers to allow them to work from home and telecommute. However, if your manager or company doesn’t allow these options, you may have to look elsewhere if you’re trying to find a telecommuting job.

We did some research about which telecommuting jobs exist and were surprised to find that they span every industry, and are surprising in how diverse they can be. While we expected that certain roles would require an on-site presence (e.g. doctors and construction work), many other jobs we traditionally think of as requiring you to “be there” (e.g. teaching) can be done via telecommuting.

What we noticed when we explored telecommuting jobs is that they are also quite varied in terms of job level, seniority and experience. They are certainly not all entry-level, nor low-paying jobs and many in fact, require a few to several years of experience. The vast majority of these positions appear to be “true” telecommuting jobs and allow you to work from home or any place of your choosing, while some require occasional travel to the corporate office or to clients.

We scoured the internet for job listings sites that feature remote jobs and telecommuting jobs and found these were the 37 most commonly listed types of telecommuting jobs (in alphabetical order):

  1. Accounting jobs (e.g. book-keeper, controller)

  2. Administrative assistant / personal assistant jobs (remote)

  3. Architecture jobs

  4. Attorney / legal jobs

  5. Auditing jobs

  6. Business operations jobs

  7. Claims processing jobs

  8. Consulting jobs

  9. Customer service jobs (e.g. call center)

  10. Data analyst/analysis jobs

  11. Data collection jobs

  12. Financial lending jobs (e.g. loan officer)

  13. Illustration jobs

  14. Insurance underwriting jobs

  15. Investigator jobs

  16. IT / architecture jobs

  17. Marketing jobs (e.g. telemarketing, digital marketing)

  18. Market research jobs

  19. Nursing jobs (e.g. nurse practitioner, nurse hotlines, screening)

  20. PR jobs

  21. QA / quality assurance jobs

  22. Recruiting / HR jobs

  23. Physician assistant jobs

  24. Psychiatry jobs

  25. Product management jobs

  26. Program associate / assistant jobs

  27. Project management jobs

  28. Research jobs

  29. Social worker jobs

  30. Software development jobs

  31. Social media jobs

  32. Sales jobs (e.g. field sales, account executive, relationships manager, business development)

  33. Teaching jobs (e.g. online course instructor, test prep instructor, professorships)

  34. Translator / interpreter jobs UX design jobs

  35. Travel counselor / assistant jobs

  36. Website design jobs

  37. Writing, journalism and editorial jobs (e.g. bloggers, editors, content managers, copywriting)

Now that you can see that many types of professions may lend themselves to remote working, where do you begin to find a telecommuting job?

We have previously written about the places you can find remote jobs. Many mainstream job-listing sites have places where you can search for telecommuting jobs and remote work but we found 34 places online where you can find and filter specifically for telecommuting jobs.


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