I Hated My Job — Here are 5 Ways I Turned Around My Attitude About It

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April 20, 2024 at 12:36PM UTC

No job is perfect. Why? Perfection is a fiction. Most people have found a reason or two to complain about their job. In my previous roles, I've used the following 5 tips to help with workplace challenges and turn around my attitude about a "bad" job.  

1. Get clear on your "why."

If you focus on your purpose at your job, you will: 

  • Have a sense of fulfillment in your career ,

  • Develop a strategy for your career journey, 

  • And be able to prepare for your next career moves.

When you know your why, you will be in the driver’s seat of your life and career increasing satisfaction and decreasing feelings of hopelessness or lack of control. 

2. Create healthy boundaries.  

Healthy boundaries are key. We need them in our personal relationships and in our career. Whenever I have felt overwhelmed or overworked at a job, it was because I didn’t set up healthy boundaries with my coworkers or with my supervisor. If you don’t want to work until two in the morning for your job, then it is up to you to tell your boss. If you are being bullied at work, it is up to you to speak up. Sometimes you will be inconvenienced at your job. Depending on what you do, late nights or weekend work might happen periodically. However, if you find yourself constantly working long hours or dealing with ongoing conflict issues, it will be up to you to change your narrative.   

3. Take breaks.

When you love what you do, work is a pleasure (no matter how hard it is). Still, we all need breaks from time to time. When you want to take a break at work, you can: 

  • Do a 5-minute breathing exercise at your desk, 

  • Take a 15-minute walk outside, 

  • Take a quick trip for snacks, 

  • Or drink a glass of water.

Taking breaks will make the day seem less stressful and you will have time to readjust yourself for the remainder of the day. 

4. Work remote (when possible) to decompress.

Not every job allows remote working conditions. However, personally, I have loved remote work because of the flexibility and relaxing atmosphere of working at home. When you are stressed at work, scheduling remote workdays for yourself can destress you in a major way. If you have the option available, try to periodically cash in on working somewhere other than the office. Sprinkle your day working remote with things you love about being home, from cooking a lunch to sitting on your porch or favorite park. 

5. Find friends at work. 

Humans are social creatures. Working in isolation can exacerbate your feelings of frustration at work, and having a support team at work helps to alleviate those feelings. When things get a bit hectic at work, it helps to have a coworker that you can confide in. Coworkers have context with your work culture, so they are able to provide special insight and understanding when you are dealing with challenges at work. 

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