I’m an ERG Executive Champion — Here’s How I Help Others Discover Their Superpower

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April 16, 2024 at 11:21AM UTC

A version of this article was originally published on Comcast’s Careers blog

“Speaking two languages is my superpower,” confides Millie, a Sr. Director of Customer Experience at Comcast. But she didn’t always feel this way. While born in the United States, Millie’s family is from Puerto Rico, and she grew up in a Spanish-speaking household. “Most of my friends and classmates spoke English, which created somewhat of a language barrier,” says Millie.

The fear of her accent coming out created an insecurity Millie says stayed with her well into adulthood — impacting all areas of her life, including her career. “In meetings, I wouldn’t speak up and would hide behind other people. But, I learned at Comcast people embrace me as I am.”

A part of this acceptance and inclusivity comes from Comcast’s nine employee groups — one of which is Unidos, which educates, unites and empowers Hispanic/Latino professionals at Comcast while creating an environment where all employees can embrace Hispanic cultures.

Millie’s involvement with Unidos began in 2017 when Hurricane Maria arrived and ravaged the island of Puerto Rico. She recalls watching the destruction on TV and wanting to do something but feeling powerless to help. Millie reached out to her region’s Unidos chapter and found opportunities to volunteer in relief efforts, like food and clothing drives. And that was only the beginning of Millie’s work with Unidos.

Millie now helps to bring Unidos chapters together to have open and honest conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion. Recent programs she’s participated in through Unidos include topics focusing on education and heritage, including an educational series geared toward parents to help them talk to their kids about race and identity.

Millie shares that having the opportunity to make an impact, help others reach their career aspirations and find their own superpower is what she loves most about her current position at Comcast

With over 25 years at the company, Millie says it’s the people, culture and innovation that keep her here. “Have an open mind and chase your passion — not a title,” she shares. “I grew up at Comcast, and the people I see enjoy the journey the most are those in roles that motivate and inspire them. That includes me.”

To learn more about Millie, including her favorite part of Unidos, keep reading!

How have you grown your career?

Having a mentor, mentoring others, leadership development courses, leading employee resource groups, stretch assignments and an executive coach have all helped me grow my career. 

As you grow your career, how do you ensure that you are lifting other women up with you?

I bring women along through collaboration and trusting in their abilities, as well as guiding them through coaching and partnerships, continuing to mentor women, having a growth development plan and checking in to support their journeys. 

Tell us a bit about how ERGs work at your company.

As the Executive Champion for Unidos, I am a part of various meetings, including meetings with different parts of the ERG leadership teams and chances to check in with other regions. This structure helps to maintain our collaboration and ensure that our objectives are aligned. We set goals at the end of the year for the following year, and we focus on membership and our needs through a DE&I lens. We also ensure that our pillars — community, career, culture  and commerce — are top of mind as we plan our events. 

What excites you about Unidos?

What excites me about Unidos is the ability to impact communities, and not just within the Comcast footprint. When an employee comes to them with an idea to help, Comcast listens and finds a way to help.

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