10 Jobs for Seniors Who Are Too Legit to Quit


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Deborah Sweeney102
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April 16, 2024 at 11:16AM UTC
Some Baby Boomers dream about the day that they can retire and start accomplishing everything on their bucket list. However, older workers who truly love their jobs may not want to retire at all.
No matter where you fall on this spectrum, the world has endless possibilities for older adults who want to continue to work part-time or even full-time past the typical retirement age. After all, age is just a number! There are plenty of resources and programs that can help senior citizens find the post-retirement job of their dreams. Kick the thought of spending your retirement napping and watching daytime television to the curb in favor of making the most of your newfound time working in one of these 10 great jobs for retirees.
1. Become a consultant.
If you love to be challenged, think of yourself as a people person, and have a lot of expertise to share, you may want to consider becoming a consultant. Most senior workers have more than 30 years of experience working for various companies with a certain set of skills, so why not pass along this wealth of information? As a consultant, you can use your expertise to work with clients and companies and help bring their projects and goals to life, all while making valuable connections and increasing positive word of mouth about your abilities.
2. Start your own business.
If you’ve got a great idea, bring it to life by becoming an entrepreneur. Many late-bloomer entrepreneurs already have the financial savings in place necessary to start a business such as your own coffee shop or travel company successfully. Once you get started, make sure you stay in compliance by incorporating your business, registering your trademark, getting any necessary business licenses and permits, and filing for DBAs and EINS.
3. Volunteer your time.
Maybe you have decided that the corporate working world is no longer your scene. Instead, you’d rather give back to your local community. Volunteering is a great way for retirees to stay active in the community, meet new people and learn about their stories, and make a real difference in the lives of others. Visit your local art museum or public library to ask if they have any volunteer opportunities, check in with local soup kitchens or homeless shelters to see if they need extra hands to help out, or sign up to participate in programs like Habitat for Humanity.
4. Become a tutor or teacher’s aide.
If teaching has been your passion over the years, but you still want to keep a bit of work/life flexibility consider doing part-time work as a tutor. Students can always use help preparing for the SATs or general education courses like history or algebra. You can work with students at libraries, coffee shops, or coworking spaces, or make visits to their home, if parents have signed off on and agreed to the arrangement. If you'd prefer more structured part-time work, look into volunteering a few days a week at a local school as a teacher’s aide or classroom helper.
5. Join a local sports team as a coach.
Have a passion for sports, but don’t necessarily have the ability to play competitively anymore? Consider becoming an assistant coach for the local high school football team, or help with the local Little League in the area. Older job seekers should keep an eye out for listing. Paid or unpaid, this is another great way to stay active in your community, both physically and mentally.
6. Invest in a franchise.
If you want to get into entrepreneurship while avoiding some of the potential risks involved that come with starting up a business from scratch, you might want to invest in a franchise like a restaurant chain, or convenience store. Remember that when choosing the best franchise for you, it’s important to understand what you can afford to spend, the timeline it takes to turn a profit, and whether the industry is growing or appears to be stagnating.
7. Go virtual!
Are you confident in your computer skills, do you have experience in customer service? Your new calling might just be a virtual customer service agent. Some companies are starting to outsource their customer service departments and are seeking part-time workers to respond to customer inquiries. This can be done in a variety of ways—over the phone or email or through social media. These can be great part-time jobs for seniors who are savvy with their communication skills.
8. Start blogging.
Was writing once one of your favorite hobbies, but you fell away from it in favor of your career? Time to pick up the pen, or open up a Word document or Google Doc, and restore your passion. You could start your own blog and share stories about your life, provide advice and tips, showcase photography or artwork that you have created, or write short stories, haikus, or poetry. Whatever your passion is, chances are, there's an audience that would love to read what you write.
9. Head back to school.
Do you feel like you have the professional demeanor to start your own business, but feel like you’re still lacking a few important skills to best provide your services? Enroll in classes offered by your local community college, or take a few informational classes or seminars that will help sharpen your skill set and allow you to start a business with the know-how and confidence you need. Even if you're not look to provide services as a business owner, taking classes can be a great way to learn something new.
10. Spread your wings for gigs that allow you to travel (and make an income!).
If you’ve learned all that you can in one place, it could be time to see what other adventures await. Look into opportunities available within the travel industry for a great way to work, keep learning, have fun, and soak up a new culture. If you love to teach English, seek out opportunities that allow you to become an ESL instructor overseas in countries like Japan or Italy. Become a travel writer for a magazine and share your explorations with readers around the world. And if you’re fluent in several languages, consider becoming a guide to tourists visiting a new country. It’s a world of possibility and you can soar within it. Bon voyage!

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