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June 21, 2024 at 1:55AM UTC

“Since 2007, Sunrun has continued to grow and evolve by focusing on new and inventive ways to positively impact the world,” says Ruthie Strop, manager of the Candidate Experience at Sunrun, the home-solar, battery-storage and energy-services provider.

Most recently, for example, Sunrun has partnered with Ford Motor Company to serve as the preferred installer for the Ford Intelligent Backup Power, debuting its all-electric F-150 Lightning. Through this partnership, customers are provided with the opportunity to install solar and battery systems on their homes, which ultimately affords them clean energy they can charge in the sun.

Throughout all of their innovative projects, Sunrun’s mission remains the same — to provide customers with more affordable and reliable clean energy so business can run responsibly and sustainability. That’s why Sunrun employees take a human-centered approach to their work each day by valuing integrity, curiosity, passion, courage and impact. Strop adds that all 13,000+ “sunrunners” work to exceed customers’ expectations and build relationships.

Curious to learn more about Sunrun and how the company helps all of their employees shine? Read on for an inside look at the company.

Putting people first, always!

If you had to describe how Sunrun differentiates themselves from other companies, what would employees say? For Strop, she tells us that, “beyond all else, Sunrun differentiates itself through the company's commitment and streamlined focus on customer obsession.”

One way Sunrun is able to commit to their customers is by prioritizing their own people first. Employees at Sunrun are motivated and empowered to provide exceptional customer service because they’re given exceptional benefits and balance.

For example, employees at Sunrun are given:

  • Up to $25,000 in fertility benefits under the nationwide medical plan.

  • Fully paid maternity and baby bonding leave of at least 14 weeks.

  • Flexible time off.

  • In-office/remote flexibility in most roles.

  • Employee recognition awards.

  • A number of employee resource groups (ERGs), an employee assistance program (EAP) and employee engagement networks (EENs).

Sunrun also gives employees ample career development opportunities. That’s why they partnered with Guild Education — Sunrun wanted to provide employees with an educational benefit they calls PowerU. PowerU offers eligible Sunrunners with funds and reimbursements to cover fees, books and other materials for academic programs that are designed with their development needs in mind.

“Internal mobility is promoted and celebrated at Sunrun,” Strop says. “As an organization with various business functions (sales, electrification operations and corporate), there are a variety of opportunities for Sunrunners to learn and grow their skill sets and experiences within the company.”

Exploring Sunrun’s inclusive culture.

It’s thanks to opportunities like these that, as of Q1 2022, women make up 56% of the company’s board of directors, 50% of the executive management team and 25% of all Sunrun directors and above roles. Manager roles are approximately 35% BIPOC, and nearly half of the company’s workforce self-identifies as BIPOC.

Building diverse teams and fostering a culture of acceptance and diverse backgrounds is a priority and focus that is put into action,” Strop explains.

And she’s not alone in thinking so. Candice Jeffery, the senior director of Learning & Development at Sunrun, calls Sunrun the “best diversity and inclusion focus [she has] ever experienced,” adding that “diversity is a big part of [the] culture and [she loves] it."

Women in the company say that they feel seen and heard at work — and Strop says that’s because Sunrun promotes addressing and having lively and candid conversations about tough topics like biases that plague much of the workforce.

“As a working mom at Sunrun, I feel like I can be transparent about my work-life balance and be a successful leader at the same time,” says Megan Lessard, the senior director of People Acquisition. “I love that I can tell my manager, my peers and my direct reports if I need to step away for something related to my family, and it is fully supported. Working for a woman-led organization is empowering and inspiring!”

Guneet Kapur, a senior business process analyst, adds that the leadership team makes an effort to have and include women in the room when discussing the aforementioned topics.

“I have, firsthand, seen business leaders proactively making sure there is a woman in the room (virtually) for these conversations,” she says. “The desire to have women is genuine for the passion and perspective they bring to such discussions and not just a check list item.”

Strop adds that the presence of women in leadership makes a statement, too. And other women in the company certainly agree.

“From the time I joined Sunrun, I admired that we have a strong female presence, particularly in leadership roles,” Erica De La Cruz, the People Acquisition lead, tells Fairygodboss. “I have been inspired by not only female leaders who I have personally worked with, but also by both our former CEO, Lynn Jurich, and our current CEO, Mary Powell, as well.”

If Sunrun sounds like the kind of place you could call work, check out some of the openings below. Sunrun is hiring!

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