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April 25, 2024 at 2:23AM UTC

GEICO — a leading provider of quality insurance — began their journey back in 1936 as a company serving government employees and military personnel. Since then, the company has expanded their coverage to serve more than 16 million policy-holders (and growing!) across the U.S. with an array of policies, from auto and homeowner insurance to theft coverage. In fact, GEICO insures more than 20 million vehicles as the second-largest private passenger auto insurer in the United States.

The company has also grown and diversified internally over the years with more than 40,000 associates in 16 offices across the country who reflect the customers they protect. And, of this workforce, over 55% are women and women make up over half of GEICO’s management. In addition, in 2020, GEICO’s new hires were 26.7% Black or African American, 11% Hispanic or Latinx, 6.2% Asian and 5.1% two or more races — an increase from years prior.

“GEICO believes that greater inclusion leads to a more productive, engaged, and dynamic environment for our associates and our customers,” said Carl Tims, GEICO's Vice President of Community Engagement and Chief Diversity Officer. “Not only is our workforce increasingly culturally diverse, but so are those we serve. GEICO continues to focus on cultural competence and inclusion to be the best we can be.”

Want to learn more about what it’s like to work at GEICO? In this article, we’ll dive more into their diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) efforts, their culture of care and why associates like working for GEICO.

How GEICO prioritizes DE&I.

One way that GEICO demonstrates their commitment to DE&I is with five concrete and actionable goals:

  1. Associate development: Developing and nurturing the diverse talents of all associates to ensure that everyone in the GEICO family can reach their full potential.

  2. Management development: Expanding the cultural competence of their management team.

  3. Management tools and resources: Guiding management with tools to respectfully identify and address bias in talent discussion.

  4. Community building: Facilitating a greater sense of community through Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

  5. Improving job seeker experience: Ensuring that diverse job seekers experience a welcoming and inclusive environment where their talents are recognized and valued.

An example of their progress on these goals are GEICO's current Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which offer associates the support and resources that they need to achieve both success and a greater sense of belonging. BOLD, for example, is GEICO’s Organization for Black Outreach and Leadership Development. Meanwhile, other ERGs, such as People Revolutionizing Inclusion, Diversity, and Engagement (PRIDE) and Providing Education, Encouragement, Resources, and Support (Parent PEERS), are also available to serve as communities and support for all associates.

Outside the office, GEICO boasts a long history of engaging with the communities these associates call home through outreach and volunteerism. For example, GEICO associates volunteer with the National Urban League and the Boys & Girls Club throughout the country and are involved with organizations that support the LGBTQ+, Latino, Black, Native American communities and more. GEICO has also been a partner with the United Way for over 35 years, where its associates donate time and money serving diverse communities.

What GEICO associates have to say about the company.

Curious about what associates like about GEICO? Senior software analyst Hannah Mundt’s favorite part about working for GEICO is, “The sense of community within the workplace, as well as the variety of different projects we get to work on,” she explains. “When I first started at GEICO, I didn’t know anybody. But everybody I continued to meet just made me feel so welcome, which I think has a huge impact and gives you a good first impression of the company.”

This sentiment is mirrored by Poonam Malik, a technical supervisor at GEICO, who says that her favorite part of the company is “the people because I find them very knowledgeable [and] very supportive… And, if you have that kind of a pool of people to work with and engage with, it becomes more inspiring. And it also brings out your productivity. The whole team goes forward [with] one goal to achieve. And so I really like that.”

For women in tech, both Mundt and Malik believe GEICO is a great place to be. “I think you should come to work at GEICO if you want to have a fun, yet challenging experience,” notes Mundt. “There are so many projects to work on, so many opportunities for growth and development and just an amazing atmosphere.” 

As for Malik, she says that, “I think it’s a great place to work. It’s a great place to learn. We also have a very flexible [culture, where] if somebody is not satisfied [with] what he or she is doing, they can move to different teams and explore those areas. So that’s another awesome thing.”

Benefits at GEICO that we think you’ll love.

At the end of the day, GEICO cares deeply about both their associates and customers. It’s why GEICO offers various benefits, including paid parental leave, adoption and fertility financial assistance; HSA and FSA accounts and tuition reimbursement.

Interested in taking advantage of some of the perks at this diverse company yourself? GEICO is hiring! Click the following link to check out job opportunities.


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