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Lady misslady

Liability Examiner


The good thing about this company is that it does seem to provide the same opportunities for hard working individuals regardless of gender. That being said, the company is severely understaffed when it comes to its claims departments. I have worked in several claims related departments, and in every department I was in, staffing was an issue. With such a large, market predominant company, one would think that they would place a higher priority on getting adequately staffed to boost morale for tenured employees. Many people burnout after awhile because the goals and expectations are unrealistic considering the staffing issues. Good benefits to include paid vacation, 401k (no dollar for dollar matching, though), disability, life insurance, vision, FSA, etc. Not conducive to family oriented individuals - expect long hours and even weekends as a regular occurrence. IF you have children and work on a desk, you will be drained to come home and help them with homework and probably won't have energy to make dinner from scratch. Sick leave is a joke. Sick leave is tied into your dependability score, which is a part of your rating as an associate. If you have poor dependability, it can be grounds for termination. To use sick leave, without being penalized, it needs to meet FMLA guidelines (e.g., a recurrent serious medical condition, pregnancy, etc). Average colds and flus are NOT covered under FMLA, and being that GEICO is a cubicle environment, people who are afraid of their dependability being impacted will come in to the office and expose others to their cold/flu. For those that do not take sick leave and have good dependability, there is no reward other than being able to keep your job. You are not able to cash out your sick or use it for vacation. even if it does qualify for FMLA coverage, you are only allowed 12 weeks of FMLA leave per year, even if you have multiple fmla related incidents come up (let's say you were pregnant, plus had diabetes, or migraines and they each required time off at different times). The sick leave requirements were one of the most complained about issues throughout the company, and has been for years, but no changes.

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Lady Dxyland58

Senior Property & Casualty Agent

Customer Service

This is for women and men also. Age is a major factor at Geico. This just happened over the last 5 or so years. You are great until you start to slow down because of your age. Once you do, it's out the door you go. I inquired to a manager one time why Geico never hires older workers and was told because they are not applying. With respect I said I did not believe that. That was the end of the conversation. We were told if we did not have a degree or working on a degree we would never be able to advance. I know of a situation when about 12 older employees in just my department all at one time were forced to take early retirement, resign, or be terminated. It is such a shame that companies do this to the older workforce who many times have dedicated their best years to the company. Geico use to be the best company in the world to work for then it was like they turned on you. My career was cut short due to my age and I will always resent it. Shame on you Geico and all companies that practice age discrimination.

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Lady Lanae2413

Service Agent III


If you planning on being a working parent, make sure your kids have a good childcare system or you and the other parent function well as a team. I hardly see my daughter except for my days off. I leave her early in the morning and I'm home late at night. Maternity leave is something only the lack of knowledge ones care about, You have to use all of your sick leave and vacation. And what you don't have left to cover is, well unpaid. They could do better by this. I have even considered leaving this company due to maternity leave. They could offer better programs for mothers and fathers. Even programs for advancement. Everyone has to follow the same course and that course may not be what an individual wants to do but in order for them to succeed, they may advance off topic to get to where they want to go. How does that improve your skill set? Sometimes it's just a paycheck.

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How do women feel about working at Geico? 65% think they are treated fairly and equally to men. 39% would recommend Geico to other women, and women have a job satisfaction rating of 3.0 out of 5. What are the benefits at Geico? Geico offers 0 weeks of paid maternity leave, 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave, healthcare, flextime. These benefits are based on tips anonymously submitted by Geico employees.

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