Joining An FGB Group Is the Better Way to Network — Here Are 5 Reasons Why

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May 22, 2024 at 4:17AM UTC

There has to be a better way to network. That’s a thought we’ve returned to at Fairygodboss time and time again. 

We know that building your network is just as important — if not more important — than ever, and this is perhaps especially true for women. When traditional models for career growth haven’t always historically proved accessible to women, a robust network can be a game changer that connects you to invaluable resources, support and opportunities. Of course, the value of building such a network doesn’t have to be limited to your career. Tapping into a community that’s centered around parenting, travel, social advocacy or wellness hacks, just to name a few, can help you develop in any direction you choose. 

Despite the proven benefits that come from having like-minded folks in your corner, however, we also know that existing avenues for networking aren’t necessarily working. Even Harvard has called these conventional methods a waste of time. But what to replace them with? 

That’s the dilemma Fairygodboss is looking to solve through FGB Groups. As a (totally free!) extension of the FGB Community, groups are here to provide a safe, supportive outlet for women who want to network in a more meaningful, effective way. If you’re curious about what joining a group on Fairygodboss can do for you, consider the five reasons below.

1. Other social networks aren’t working for women. 

By joining a group on Fairygodboss, you’re opting into a safe and inclusive community of women who are all rooting for you to succeed. That’s more than could be said of a lot of today's existing social networks, which weren’t specifically created with women’s needs in mind (if they were considered at all). FGB Groups, meanwhile, were created for women by women, and community guidelines require that members be respectful, constructive, and supportive of one another — like your favorite group text, but bigger.

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2. FGB Groups are as diverse as the women behind them.

No matter your needs or interests, there’s an FGB Group for everyone. From an FGB Official Job Seekers Group for those who are seeking their next career opportunity (or simply curious about what’s out there) to groups dedicated to surviving burnout, accessing insider HR intel, navigating menopause at work, finding free and cheap things to do in New York City, and more, you’ll be able to find a group that speaks to your interests. 

3. It’s a more meaningful way to network.

Your time is limited. Rather than shmooze and make impersonal small talk at yet another happy hour function, use FGB Groups to network with other female professionals in a way that leads to real, impactful connections. Thoughtfulness and authenticity are core to what FGB stands for; by connecting with other women on subjects that matter, from what being a Latina means to you to fighting ageism in the workplace, you’ll be able to forge relationships that are built on more than that day’s weather forecast.

4. FGB Groups are simple to navigate and free to join.

To browse relevant groups, you can search according to keywords, interests, and your location. And if your FGB profile is up-to-date with your interests, we’ll also be able to recommend you groups to join! Talk about a no-brainer.

5. Joining a group can help elevate your personal or professional brand.

Your “brand” is more than just internet-y jargon. It’s the reputation and associations you’ve created that so many opportunities in life, both personal and professional, are built off of. And you don’t have to be an Instagram influencer to give your brand a little TLC. If you’re wanting to be seen as a thought leader in, say, the women’s wellness space, join a related FGB Group, become part of the conversations happening there, and walk away with resources and connections you can use to bolster your brand. 

You dedicate no shortage of time toward bringing value to others, whether at work or with your family and friends. Start browsing FGB Groups and do a little something for yourself by building a more meaningful network today.


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