Here’s What's Wrong With the Way We’re Talking About Kate and Meghan’s 'Feud'

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle

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If you follow the royal family as obsessively as I do, you've probably seen the latest news on Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle's relationship. Actually, even if you don't follow the royal family in the news, you've probably seen the latest news on Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle's relationship. 

Supposedly, the sisters-in-law are feuding. 

It was reported earlier this week that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be moving out of the Kensington palace. And of course, it was reported shortly after by an anonymous source that the royal couple is moving because of a palace rift. 
"Kate and Meghan are very different people. They don’t really get on," says a source in the Daily Mail's story on the subject, aptly titled: "Is a froideur between Kate and Meghan why the Sussexes are moving to a cottage in Windsor? Unease between the wives 'is pulling Harry and William apart as cracks appear in relationship.'" Those darn wives, tearing men apart! 
A variety of media outlets ran with the story, suggesting that Kate and Meghan have been quarreling for months. The New Zealand Herald added to the rumors, reporting that Kate left a fitting for Meghan Markle's wedding in tears. And although the outlet noted that Kate had just given birth and was "emotional" for other reasons, many immediately jumped to the conclusion that the sisters-in-law were fighting. 

How was I so sure you'd heard about the duchesses allegedly throwing down? Because as a society, we're obsessed with pitting women against each other. Especially pop culture icons.

It's the narrative of every "juicy" celebrity story: two women trapped in an endless feud over either A) a man or B) something small. Say... a dress fitting?  
According to the stories, the women involved are always taking dramatic shots at each other, and they tend to alter major parts of their lives in response to said disagreement. Think Taylor Swift and Katy Perry's infamous feud over a back-up singer that lasted (in the popular opinion) for... years. Or Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie "fighting" because Nicole was "jealous." Or, if we want to throw it back, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford allegedly fighting for decades over a man. Trust me, I've never had an ex that special! 
Sure, these fights are a lot of fun to read about. I've read my fair share of People, thank you very much! But the perpetration of this cultural narrative has some serious consequences. It doesn't just influence women to believe we're each other's enemies IRL. It suggests women are petty beings that are completely incapable of rationally handling their interpersonal relationships. And for those of us with mothers-in-law, you know that's not true.  

Thankfully, many news outlets have debunked the rumors that Kate and Meghan are at odds. 

The Cut does a great job tackling every single suspicion.
Instead of paying attention to this petty spin on non-news, we should all pay attention to how society pits us against each other. I mean, why aren't women allowed to just... like each other? Maybe Meghan is moving because she wants some fresh air? No offense to the queen, of course. And anyway, I'm sure we'd all prefer to go back to stories about Meghan's killer wardrobe and Kate's mad working mom skills. Thanks! 

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