Looking to Return to the Workforce? Here's How One Woman Did It.

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Marsha Waters

Photo courtesy of Deloitte.

April 15, 2024 at 7:45PM UTC

Re-entering the workforce after a long period away can be a daunting task. Luckily, organizations like Deloitte make this process easier by providing dedicated programs that help you transition back into the workforce. 

This was a wonderful opportunity for Marsha Waters, the Chief of Staff to the Chief Technology Officer of Relationship Management Group at Deloitte, who was looking to return to work after taking time away to care for her children. Waters took part in the Deloitte Encore program, which she describes as a “12-week paid program where you undergo training and gain hands-on experience.” After the program ended, Waters was offered an opportunity to join the Deloitte team.

“The great thing was that I didn’t need to explain my gap in employment or fear that I would not get the job because of it,” says Waters.

We caught up with Waters to talk more about her experience rejoining the workforce and how Deloitte helped her along the way.

How long have you been in your current role, and what were you doing previously? 

I have been at Deloitte just over five years and in this particular role for over one year.

What led you to the decision to take a career break? 

I was a Management Consultant at another firm with three kids under six and a husband who traveled for work. I was overwhelmed. I felt like I was not giving my kids the best of myself, so I stepped back to focus on them.

What type of programs does Deloitte offer to those who are returning to work after a career break?  

I came to Deloitte through the Encore program, which is for seasoned professionals who left the workforce for six months or more and are looking to return to work. 

How did you learn about the Encore program?

A former co-worker was espousing all the benefits of working with Deloitte. I was ready to return to work and looked to see what openings Deloitte had and found the Encore program.

How did the program help you re-enter the workforce? 

It is a 12-week paid program where you undergo training and gain hands-on experience. It’s basically an opportunity to see if there is a good fit for both parties. If they successfully complete the program, participants could have an offer to join the team . 

What about Deloitte stood out to you and made you want to join? What’s been your favorite aspect since joining? 

Deloitte stood out to me because they focus on their people — With their own learning campus at Deloitte University, it shows a huge commitment to developing their talent. 

My favorite aspect is the wealth of career opportunities and commitment to the community. I joined the Government Consulting practice but now work in the IT Services group supporting Business Relationship Management. In terms of community, Deloitte is committed to fostering an anti-racist and inclusive culture. I love that it has focused efforts not only internally but also in our broader community by contributing to worthy social justice causes.

What advice would you give to other women considering returning to the workforce at this challenging time? 

I would say to be persistent. There are opportunities out there that will value your skills sets.  Being a full-time mom provides applicable experience: patience, problem solving, organizational skills, creativity and event planning, among many others — very applicable to almost any job.  


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