Looking to Take Your Career to the Next Level? Here are 4 Ways This Company Empowers Employees

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1. Making a real, positive impact on the world.

What makes you get up every morning? What type of work culture inspires you to do your best work? If the answer to either of these questions is making a positive impact on the world around you — and we’re talking about the whole world — then Aramark may be the right place for you!

Every day, Aramark provides food, facilities, and uniform services to millions of people in 19 countries around the world. The company also sponsors global volunteering programs, holds Aramark Building Community Days, works toward ambitious sustainability goals, and partners with a handful of nonprofits — all in the effort to make its global community a better place.

And don’t just take our word for it, Aramark employees can attest to this culture themselves.

“Our mission really rings true in the daily lives of Aramark employees,” says Emily Cox, Talent Marketing Specialist. “We strive to do great things for each other, our partners, our communities, and our planet.”

As for Jami Leveen, Vice President of Community Partnerships, she shares that, “I love my role at Aramark because everything I do, every day, is about driving a positive impact in the world. I get to spend time and energy working on projects, creating new initiatives, and handling day-to-day business, while also making sure we’re making an impact and a difference in the community.”

2. Being part of a company that is passionate about DE&I and is transparent about its progress.

“The most rewarding part [of working at Aramark] is that I’ve been encouraged to be myself. I’ve been encouraged to be a Scottish, prideful, trans woman. Aramark accepts me for exactly who I am.” — Gia Watson, Accounting Lead Assistant

At its heart, Aramark is a community of empowered innovators who come together to do good for the world. As such, supporting their whole community is a primary goal for Aramark, and their employees actively support diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives. For instance, Aramark’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion leadership and Executive Diversity Council focus on advancing DE&I in the workforce and wider communities by building programs, structures, and systems for Aramark’s workforce, workplace, and marketplace that are dedicated to creating positive change and offering better career experiences for all employees. With 11 employee resource groups, Aramark ensures that the diverse communities that comprise its workforce — and their allies — are given a voice and proper resources for career development and progression

The result of these efforts is a global team that truly feels like a community, where everyone belongs and supports each other. “What drives me to pursue my career, in part, are the guests and employees that year after year become a part of your family,” notes Amanda Lee, General Manager-Destinations. “You have the opportunity to create and be a part of life-long memories, become a part of each other’s lives, and truly experience a family environment you can’t find anywhere else.” 

Custodial Manager Vilma Rivera agrees. “We’re all a team at Aramark,” she says.

Not only are employees like Watson, Lee, and Rivera raving about the inclusive culture, but outside organizations like the Human Rights Campaign, Diversity Inc., Black Enterprise Magazine, CAREERS & the disABLED Magazine, and LATINO Magazine are also recognizing Aramark.

The next part of Aramark’s DE&I equation is transparency, and Aramark is committed to being transparent about its progress. Regarding gender diversity as of 2021, currently 60% of its workforce and ⅓ of its board are made up of women. Aramark also aims to support DE&I efforts on a wider scale and currently sources from 5,600 small and diverse suppliers in the U.S.

3. Providing compensation and benefits that will help you thrive, both inside and outside the workplace.

You are more than just your job, and at Aramark, you’ll have the resources to take care of your whole self — your health, family, finances, and future. Here are just a few of the ways that Aramark shows how much they prioritize their employees:

  • Providing competitive salaries, promotional increases, market and equity adjustments, bonus and incentive plans and commission plans for sales functions

  • Offering equity award grants, a 401K and saving retirement plans, as well as a myShare Employee Stock Purchase Program (ESPP)

  • Giving eligible teams the ability to cash in on their earnings at any time they choose – making any day pay day – through DailyPay

  • Creating wellbeing programs through their robust Employee Assistance Program, such as a cancer advocacy program, free health screenings, retirement planning, elder care support, and support for children with developmental disabilities

  • Supporting parents by providing generous maternity and parental leave and adoption assistance

Aramark knows it's important to provide its team with the support it needs to develop their talents, fuel their passions, and empower personal and professional growth. Their benefits and compensation truly reflect a commitment to their employees and loved ones’ wellbeing. The company knows that when you have the tools, resources, and benefits you need, anything is possible. 

4. Caring about your career development as much as you do.

What’s one top thing that employees look for in new positions? Opportunities for career growth! And luckily for employees, Aramark has no limit to the career growth possible. “Employees at Aramark grow in any direction they want by pursuing what matters to them,” Emily Cox shares.

For instance, take Vivian F. Byrd’s experience with the company. As a veteran of the U.S. Army, Byrd’s passion and experience were supported and valued. She now works as an Executive Chef in Aramark’s Higher Education line of business.

With education assistance, service awards for career milestones and a pay-for-performance culture, Aramark aims to create a culture that supports and rewards growth.

“This atmosphere of recognition, innovation, and intellectual challenge maximizes the rewards we’re able to provide,” notes Emily Cox.

Do all four of these reasons to join Aramark sound attractive to you? Well, the company is hiring now! Click the following link to check out roles.

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