Management Training, Flexible Working, Driving Change and More: Why Women Love This Software Company

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July 23, 2024 at 5:55AM UTC

Sysdig is driving the standard for cloud and container security. The software company is focused on empowering organizations to confidently run cloud, containers and Kubernetes — and empowering their own people to confidently run their careers along the way.

“We are creating a workplace where everyone feels welcome — a workplace where every employee feels they belong,” the company tells Fairygodboss. “Our employees come from a wide range of ethnic, social and cultural backgrounds. Our mission is to give our employees the power to share their knowledge and experiences and to help create a more open and connected workplace. We are committed to making Sysdig a great place to work, where everyone can contribute and succeed.”

One way that Sysdig ensures inclusivity is by offering a robust benefits package. This includes health/dental/vision insurance, fertility benefits, paid parental leave, mental health support, 401(K) matching (starting the day you do), dependent care flex spending and a monthly $200 wellness stipend for use however employees want.

Women at the company can also benefit from management training and career development opportunities to work on a wide variety of projects. They can work from anywhere with flexible hours and unlimited time off and additional wellness days off — and top-down transparency ensures that, wherever they base themselves, they’re always in the loop. With more than 50% of Sysdig employees being remote, Sysdig has nailed cultivating a strong remote team.

“Sysdig is dedicated to work-life balance,” the company tells us. After all, Sysdig’s CEO and founder are both U.S. immigrants who understand the importance of feeling welcome and heard. 

Suresh Vasudevan, CEO, was born in India, where he started his career. Meanwhile, Loris Degioanni, founder and CTO, comes from Italy. Loris immigrated to the U.S. when a professor invited him to do research together after his first open source project became so popular. From there, Loris became the co-creator of Wireshark — a world-renowned network analyzer that’s been downloaded more than 60 million times in the last five years. Loris later launched Sysdig as an open source company and the foundation of Sysdig’s commercial tools.

Sysdig is looking for the best employees, regardless of location. Nearly 50% of Sysdiggers live outside of the United States because diversity is at the core of the company. Both Suresh and Loris represent the diversity that Sysdig has come to encompass. And employees all over feel this culture, too. “I love the diversity of people and the cultural learning it offers, as well as the flexibility it provides and the good work environment,” one employee tells Fairygodboss. Sysdig’s values — dig deeper, love our customers and trust in the team — make the company what it is and guide Sysdig employees every day, driving culture, strategy and vision.

Here’s what employees have to say about Sysdig.

“One of my favorite things about Sysdig is the startup culture,” one employee states. “Coming from a Fortune 500 company, having a smaller scale and more of an impact on the business has been so rewarding.” 

Other employees agree that making an impact is a key draw to Sysdig. “I always feel like I’m part of the change,” shares one employee.” Another states that, “It’s the environment, flexibility, career opportunities and interesting projects that make Sysdig great.”

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And, another aspect of the Sysdig culture that employees rave about is how they treat new and potential employees. 

“Thank you [to Sysdig] for making the interview process fun,” one new hire says. “I have enjoyed meeting some Sysdiggers throughout this process. I love how quickly [the company is] able to move. It makes me feel valued.”

Employees are welcomed at Sysdig with open arms, the company says. “The hiring and onboarding process is second to none — from the application and interview process to an offer, and from getting your necessities (e.g., laptop, monitor, etc.) to receiving a welcome package with all types of Sysdig swag,” Sysdig shares with Fairygodboss. “It’s all done quickly and smoothly, and you feel like part of the team immediately. Everyone gets to pick their tech package, which in a world that has turned remote, you get to choose what works for you in your home office. And, once onboard, be ready for ‘welcome to the team’ messages on any one of our company Slack channels from Sysdig employees all over the world!”

If this all sounds good to you, consider the open roles for yourself. Sysdig is hiring, and the swag is waiting for you!

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