Managing Director Reveals the Upside of Working in Consulting, Plus Her #1 Career Tip

Heather DiFiore, Managing Director at FTI Consulting, Inc. Photo courtesy of FTI Consulting

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Heather DiFiore, Managing Director at FTI Consulting, Inc.

Heather DiFiore, Managing Director at FTI Consulting, Inc. Photo courtesy of FTI Consulting

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No two work days are ever the same for Heather DiFiore, a Managing Director at FTI Consulting, Inc“I’m constantly challenged to do new things, teach from my prior experience, and foresee what is coming next for the client,” she says. She recently shared with Fairygodboss what she loves most about her job, how she manages work travel while also prioritizing her family, and what her #1 tip is for job seekers (hint: it’s advice you can’t afford to ignore). 

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How long have you been in your current role, and what were you doing previously?
I’ve been a Managing Director since 2015 and have been with FTI since 2003. I was previously an associate with KPMG.
What’s the first (and/or last) thing you do at work every day?
First, I organize my top priorities for the day. The end of the day is pretty variable.
What’s the most unique or interesting aspect of your job or company?
It’s never the same day. The consulting work that I do has me in my client’s office most of the week. I’m helping them deal with major changes or special projects. Every situation, client and day is unique. I’m constantly challenged to do new things, teach from my prior experience, and foresee what is coming next for the client.
What’s something you think most people (perhaps even current employees) don’t know about your company that you think they should? 
The wealth of knowledge of our FTI colleagues. It is so vast; I’m always meeting people who have had the most amazing working experiences and opportunities. By hiring experts, FTI provides me a network of experts to guide me and my clients through the work ahead.  
What’s something you’re especially good at at work? 
Getting projects done, which is a mixture of managing my and my clients’ teams, using the expertise in FTI to bring the right solution, and having the technical abilities and organizational awareness to meet the demands of the project.
What about outside of work? 
I have a husband, Todd, who is frankly AMAZING. We have two boys, 9 and 6 years old, who are the loves of my life. I travel weekly, so FaceTime is a constant companion where my kids can reach me whenever they want. The upside of traveling for work is that we travel as a family often. They love to visit the places I work – especially on my projects in Florida and NYC. I also love the beach, scuba diving, knitting and coffee.
What are you trying to improve on? 
I have a tendency to take on too much, so I’m working on delegating more by training my team.
What do you love most about your job or your company? 
The people and the experiences. I love that my group is full of different personalities, working styles and expertise. We utilize these differences to bring the right solution to each job. I’ve also worked on companies large and small – some on the WSJ front page and some no one has heard of, but each providing amazing learning experiences and some good stories, too. 
What are you currently reading/watching/listening to? 
I just started “The Daily Stoic” – so far, I like it. I also just started with Spotify for music and love the variety I get. I love to sleep, so not much TV for me – never turn it on when I travel.
What’s your #1 piece of advice for women who are looking for jobs right now? 
Talk to everyone about what they do. Think about how you want to design your life, what you enjoyed as a kid, all that stuff, but also what makes sense for you. Basically, work your network with intention. It’s a ‘shots on goal’ game, so know what your aiming for and learn everything you can about it.
Who is/was the most influential person in your life and why?
 My husband, Todd. He is opposite to me in a lot of ways and has this perfect way of knowing when to encourage me to try something or when to just support me. He also helps talk through people management with me. He is a general contractor and spends his day dealing with sub-contractors and clients. One of his strongest talents is communicating and we enjoy bouncing ideas around about problems we’re facing.
What was the best quality of the best boss you’ve ever had?
She really cares about her team. She invests her time and sees it as her main job to take care of her team.
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