12 Beliefs to Help You Manifest Abundance (and Still Spend)

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Abundance, in general, refers to a plentiful, over-sufficient supply of something, so to manifest it means to make it come true. It's also categorized in a number of ways, but the most common is its financial classification. 
It's no secret that many of us seek financial abundance. And while money doesn't grow on trees, it can grow in your bank account if you adopt the following 12 beliefs.

1. Begin from a place of love.

The first step toward manifesting abundance is to believe you are worthy of it. Jen Sincero puts it best in her book, "You Are a Badass at Making Money," when she says, "If you are here to become the grandest, most generous version of yourself, which you are, and if that costs money, which is does, it is your duty, as a hallowed child of Mother Nature, to get rich."
By welcoming the highest good into your life with your whole mind, body and spirit, you will ensure that what comes to you will be driven by the same positive energy as the source that requested it. Set your intention from a place of love and wholeness, rather than a place of lack, and be receptive to the abundance that actualizes. 

2. Believe beyond your five senses.

You've heard this truth before and you're going to hear it again — money can't buy happiness. In this case, abundance doesn't translate directly to material items like money bags, luxurious vacations and a Carrie Bradshaw wardrobe. It also won't always look the way you anticipate it will. Think of manifesting abundance as cultivating a feeling rather than willing a tangible expectation (though, it can present itself as both). 

3. Practice non-attachment and learn to allow.

While abundance can accumulate in material matter, it may not always satisfy you on an intimate level. Know that you have everything you need, regardless of what you have or receive. That way, money can ebb and flow as it's supposed to without your happiness moving with it.
Also, recognize that everything that comes to you is an opportunity for continued  growth —a stage in your evolution. How will you rise to new demands in order to thrive through challenging circumstances? How can your failures serve as a launching pad for manifesting your goals? Be an active member of the manifestation process and keep in mind that what's for you will always be for you.

4. Place yourself in highly vibrational circumstances.

You have way more power to change your circumstances than you think. Harness it by surrounding yourself with people who share the same values and beliefs as you. Also, arrange your circumstances to help you manifest the most positive energy. Consider what environments, habits and thought patterns elicit your highest vibrations and lean into those.

5.Understand the difference between inspired and fear-based action.

You can choose to let fear take the reins of your decisions by making monotonous money choices, but you won't get new results with old routines. Or, you can lead with inspiration and set your sights on what can go right and what already is. Choose the latter. 
Sincero preaches this point when she reminds us that "Money is just the messenger. It's what you do with it and how you think, feel, and speak about it that give it a personality." So, contrary to the popular belief that money is the root of all evil, it can also be a messenger of love if it's used with good intentions.

6.Let go of money beliefs that no longer serve you.

In some cases, you may need to recondition your beliefs about money. Obviously, money doesn't grow on trees, but it must be coming from somewhere. Sure, your family didn't have a lot of money growing up, but, neither did Oprah's! 
Take comfort in her advice: "I hope the way you spend your money is in line with the truth of who you are and what you care about. I hope that your money brings joy to you and the ones you love. And I hope you use it as a powerful force for good to fulfill your best intentions."
The money is out there, waiting to be spent, traded and invested — the goal is to get your hands on it.  If you want in, decide how you can share yourself with the world to receive your portion, and tuck some money away so it can grow behind you. 

7. Spend money, but don't waste it.

From shame, to freedom, to insecurity, our relationships with money can be quite difficult. But, to do anything in this world, you need money. Even if you wanted to live a minimal lifestyle with the essentials of food, shelter, clothing and water, you need money to buy them. So, spend money — make conscious decisions to buy things you need or intend will raise the quality of your life. But if you want to avoid the guilt, dabble in your funds less often and discipline yourself from buying things you want, but can do well without. 

8. Visualize your end game.

Your endgame isn't so much a straight shot, or even an actual endgame, since the goal is to live an abundant life, not an abundant end. Think of it, rather, as a context. If it helps, write this out and read it to yourself everyday. Jot down where you will live, what you will do and how you will feel, then consider what you currently have and how you can integrate or welcome the rest. 
Let's circle back to the holy grail that is Sincero's "You Are a Badass at Making Money" to where she encourages us to "hold the vision of this reality in [our minds] with a no-nonsense resolve and a relentless sense of purpose to make it real."

9. Appreciate debt and abundance equally.

Dualism exists in most things, and money matters are no exception. The opposite of financial abundance is debt but that's not necessarily a bad thing. For money that is "lost", there is something that is gained. Take higher education, for example. You get hit with a whopping five-figure student loan debt at the end, but you're also rewarded with a degree, an expansive skillset, a professional network, a step up on the proverbial ladder and hopefully, access to your dream job. That, my friends, is abundance. 

10.Declutter your environment.

Your physical space matters just as much as the thoughts that occupy your mind. By doing away with things that no longer serve you — the year-old shirts you've never worn, the mountain of clothes on your chair, the bins of old junk you never sift through — you'll make room for new things that do. Change your sheets, mop the floors, open your windows and sit in that fresh space. By welcoming new air (literally), you'll welcome new vibes with it. 

11. Get inspired by your surroundings.

Notice the emphasis of your surroundings (patterned in beliefs four and 10) as a predominate influence in manifesting abundance. Participate in the manifestation process by creating a vision board, full of pictures and words that resonate with who you are and the prosperity you're working to gain. Start reading books or listening to podcasts, too, that prepare you for the life you're building. The more you surround yourself with the energy you want to feel, the more you'll actually feel it.

12. Love your money.

Last but not least, don't be afraid to love your money. You've earned it! You've worked for it! It's come to you as a gift! The least you can do is treat it as such. At the same time, respect the moves it took for you to make it. As we've iterated, money doesn't grow on trees or fall from the sky. It's your reward for sharing yourself with the world. 
Show your appreciation for it with Sincero's suggested money mantra: "I love money and am grateful everyday that it's surrounding me with it glorious goodness." Then, allow yourself to believe it.

How to manifest good things in your life, in general

Expand your definition of abundance 

Abundance is not confined to money. Though it may materialize in this way, it isn't actually tangible. It's a perception — a state of mind. Think of abundance (or lack thereof) as the relationship you have with yourself and the world. Are you satisfied with yourself? Are you satisfied with your place in the world? If not, what changes can you make to reach that satisfaction? How can you leverage your community for help?

Pluck the hourglass of time looming over your head

Say it out loud: "I am not running out of time"... and again. Breath into this new truth and remind yourself that time is of the essence. With a simple mindset shift, you could wake yourself up to the abundance you already have. With a more complex shift — like a request for a raise or relocation — you can rise to that abundance when the time is right. 

Express gratitude as if abundance has already manifested 

Regardless of what you have or one day will, the point of manifesting abundance at all is to reach a feeling. Define that feeling for yourself. Is it pride? Maybe contentment? Or, elation? Whatever abundance means to you, pull that energy into the now. If you're already working toward it, it's bound to come to you. And if it's bound to come to you, then isn't it already yours?
We hope this advice will be helpful for you to manifest abundance on a mental and spiritual level. If you want your abundance to materialize financially, save your money, spend it wisely and trust your relationship with it. By exercising these beliefs, you'll be sure to share your best self with the world, so the world will be inclined to share its best self right back.

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