Meet the Woman Trying to Make Golf (and Golf Course Decision Making) More Accessible to Women

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May 18, 2024 at 4:5AM UTC
They say that some of the most important conversations in society happen on a golf course — which is just one reason why Ashleigh McLaughlin is trying to connect more women with the game. Her FGB group, Golf Guidance for Busy Professionals from the LPGA, is the perfect place to talk all things golf — no matter how good your swing is. 
On top of a supportive community, the group offers free resources, information and inspiration to step up your golf game, along with tips on using it to develop professional relationships. You can join for free  with your Fairygodboss account. Don't have an account? Sign up and be sure to fill out your profile for more groups recommendations. After all, Fairygodboss groups are the newest way to network with like-minded women

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Now that you're here, read on to find out more about the LPGA Women's Network and the benefits of joining their online (and IRL) community. 
Who are you? 
My name is Ashleigh McLaughlin and I'm the Managing Director of the LPGA Women's Network. I’m a digital marketing nut, but I’m equally as passionate about building bridges that connect more women to the game of golf.  Throughout my career, I’ve learned just how powerful a tool golf can be for building and enhancing professional relationships. It’s also an incredible way to combine your personal goals, like getting exercise, getting outdoors, setting goals, staying present and nurturing yourself.  My goal is to do what I can to remove the veil that makes the game feel exclusionary and inaccessible and to introduce more women to what makes golf so special.
What inspired you to start this group? 
There’s far more interest than most people recognize from women who have a desire to learn to play golf. Unfortunately, there is a level of intimidation and down-right confusion for most when it comes to trying to get started. So, we created the LPGA Women’s Network to serve as a supportive space that addresses the needs of women interested in learning to play golf or improving their skills.  While we're still a relatively new platform (we’re in our second year since launch), we’ve grown into a digital space where women are connecting with the resources, information and inspiration they need to learn and better enjoy the game of golf — no matter what stage they’re at in their journey. 
Who is this group best suited for?
This group is for any woman who has an interest in learning to play or becoming a better player. But beyond golf tips, we share stories from professional players and the women making waves in the golf industry, along with fashion, travel and lifestyle advice. So, truly, there's a little something for everyone. 
Is there an IRL (in real life) version of your group?
For women who want to connect in person, we offer the LPGA Amateur Golf Association: a nationwide community of women who participate in social and networking events, take group classes together, play league golf and have the chance to compete regionally and nationally. There are more than 100 chapters across the country (and we're growing every day). You can learn more and find a group in your area here.
What part of FGB Groups are you most excited about?
I’m most excited to connect with women who are interested in using golf as a tool to enhance their professional (and personal relationships), but also as a vehicle for accomplishing things they never thought were possible. There are so many incredible benefits golf has to offer, and my team can’t wait to help share and guide FGB members along their journeys with the game. 
If you could get one celebrity to join your group, who would it be and why? 
Beyoncé — who is a golfer, by the way!
If you could describe the vibe of your group in three words or less, what would the words be?
Accessible, supportive, and fun!
How can the FGB community get involved with your group? 
Beyond connecting through our FGB group,, along with our bi-weekly newsletter, serves up fresh golf-inspired content almost daily. Our e-newsletter subscribers also receive access to exclusive discounts on golf, travel and lifestyle products from brands who want to support them in their golf journey (all at no cost).

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