Mentorship and Sponsorship are the Keys to Success at DTCC

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DTCC is committed to helping women succeed at work. So how do team members at the global financial services company grow their knowledge and careers, while also giving back to others and the community? Fairygodboss asked three of their employees to find out.

They are (pictured left to right):

Maridy Beringuela — Associate, Manila Compliance Department
Donaldine Temple — Executive Director and Associate General Counsel
Jennifer Locke — Director of Organizational Development

Once you arrived at DTCC what opportunities did DTCC provide that helped you to land your current role? 

Maridy: Being mentored by leaders in different departments within Compliance helped me grow and future-proof my skills. I was also able to join an Employee Resource Group where I could grow my network and develop my leadership skills.

Jennifer: DTCC has an excellent culture with opportunities to foster talent development. 

Our team gives us opportunities to rotate responsibilities which gave me the chance to lead different talent projects and in turn grew my subject matter expertise. In addition, our tuition reimbursement program also allowed me to earn my master’s degree in HR Management, which gave me the credentials needed to progress.

Who is or was the most influential person in your professional life? 

Maridy: All my mentors at DTCC have been instrumental to my career development, as they have helped to broaden my perspective and sharpened my focus.

Jennifer: My dad is absolutely my inspiration. He worked his way up at General Motors for over 30+ years from a shop mechanic to a senior executive. There’s no greater compliment in my career than him telling me he’s proud of me.

Donaldine: My family has had the most influence on my professional life. My grandfather came to the US from West Africa in the 1940s to attend college and graduate school. In the 1960s, my parents, aunts and uncles also came to the US to pursue their education. The lessons I learned through their sacrifices and perseverance are the value of education, a strong work ethic while being grounded in faith and the importance of giving back to my community.

Does your company have formal mentorship or sponsorship programs?

Maridy: DTCC’s Career Management Program focuses on the employees’ core development, leadership development, functional development and performance management. In our department, we set monthly meetings with our manager to check in, get feedback on areas of improvement and discuss accomplishments.

Jennifer: Our Global Mentoring Circles Program matches junior and senior employees for group mentoring. Over 10% of all our employees have participated annually since its inception. We also have sponsorship, learning and relationships in our leadership development programs for women of all diversities, since this is a critical differentiator for women (especially women of color) to advance in their careers.  However, relationships grow organically, too. One example of that was my being matched by my manager to my current mentor.   This is a common practice here at DTCC and I do the same for my team. 

Donaldine: Yes, and this is one of the ways I give back to the DTCC community. As a mentor in our Global Mentoring Circles, my circle focused on the importance of networking, building relationships, executive presence, developing communication skills, presentation skills, promotions and advancements. 

How has mentorship enriched your work experience?

Maridy: I used to join mentoring circles as a mentee, allowing me to network across DTCC. I also joined our Reverse Mentoring Program. Initially, it was intimidating to mentor an Executive Director, but I discovered it bridges the gap between senior and junior staff. It helped me gain confidence.

Jennifer: Having mentors has been valuable in gaining an understanding of my brand, getting feedback and learning how to navigate the organization. One female mentor was especially instrumental in building my confidence to speak up, share my authentic self, and try new things. Giving back as a mentor myself enriches my own experience. I’m so happy to pay it forward.

Donaldine: As a mentor in DTCC’s mentoring program and a coach in the development program for director-level employees, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many employees throughout the global enterprise. My active participation as a mentor is critical to creating an inclusive environment.  I am grateful for the opportunity to provide support and encouragement to employees as they pursue their professional and personal goals.  

What has led you to stay at your company?

Maridy: Diversity and inclusivity are pivotal in this organization. I have the same opportunities as everybody else to succeed based on my abilities. 

Jennifer: Our organizational culture is amazing — I cannot recall a time I asked for help and someone wasn’t eager to support me. The opportunities to engage in formal learning and take on new projects have kept me happy. Lastly, my amazing team is a huge part of why I stay.

Donaldine: I love being a lawyer and I enjoy my day-to-day work responsibilities which continue to stretch and challenge me. My personal mission statement is to “give back to the world more than I take from it.” I fulfill this mission statement through my passion for community service. DTCC’s commitment to community service is consistent with my core values.

What’s your go-to stress-relief activity? 

Maridy: I started learning how to play the “Kalimba” (a musical instrument) with my daughter. I’m noticing a great improvement in my mental health.

Jennifer: Since quarantine, I’ve gotten more invested in riding my bike. Getting fresh air and exercise helps me maintain my personal wellbeing. 

Donaldine: I’m at my best when I’m engaged in self-care. I grew up studying dance. I’m most “myself” when I’m dancing. Other stress-relief activities include Bikram yoga, swimming, guided meditation and reading. 

What is your favorite perk about working at DTCC?

Maridy: I appreciate the chance to join forums, discussions and online training.

Jennifer: Hands down, the developmental opportunities. We have learning and on-the-job opportunities to make the most of our career aspirations. 

Donaldine: Because of DTCC’s size, it’s easy to get to know people across various levels and departments. DTCC employees are friendly, supportive, and willing to work together to achieve the company’s goals. 


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