Millennials Care About This More Than They Care About Anything Else at Your Office

Millennial Woman at Work


AnnaMarie Houlis
AnnaMarie Houlis
April 14, 2024 at 11:49AM UTC
What do millennials really want at work? A clean, functional and aesthetically appealing space, apparently.
New research from Kelton Global for National Business Furniture, titled "Happiness in the Workplace," found that one's physical workspace can seriously affect their mental workspace. In other words, their surroundings can actually influence their performance — especially for millennials. 
Forty-seven percent of employed Americans agreed that the overall design of their workplace influences their productivity, while 42 percent reported that it also actually impacts their work quality. Millennials, more than those in any other generation, were the most likely to claim that workplace designs impact their happiness, motivation levels,  quality of work life, as well as their overall well-being.
A recent survey, “My First Job,” suggests that, among graduates 18 to 34 years old,  29 percent of candidates actually quit their first jobs before hitting their one-year marks. Knowing how to attract and retain milennial talent is critical, given that they make up the majority of today's workforce.
National Business Furniture executive Dean Stier recommended several key strategies that entrepreneurs can, therefore, implement themselves to help drive satisfaction and, ultimately, success. Here are three of his tips, according to Forbes.
Photo via @domumspb/Instagram
Photo via @domumspb/Instagram

1. Get Rid of Clutter

More than 62 percent of the Americans surveyed in the study said that clutter negatively impacts them. 
“For entrepreneurs in particular, a cluttered office environment often stems from a perceived lack of time,” Stier told Forbes. That's why he recommends clearing a spot on your calendar to clear a spot in your workspace. “Dispose of unneeded items and use organizational tools to keep the clutter at bay.”
Photo via @beautifulworkspaces/Instagram
Photo via @beautifulworkspaces/Instagram

2. Mix it Up

The study revealed that 43 percent of Americans value having a “private area where they can focus on the tasks at hand.” Having both a private place to focus and a more collaborative workspace can help you stay motivated.
“It’s important to have both collaborative spaces and private areas — common areas with soft seating or bright, cheery break rooms are great for sparking open communication and casual touch-base meetings," Stier told Forbes. "For added privacy in the office, divider panels or allocating unused space as a quiet area helps. It can also double as a safe place for private conversations among coworkers.”
Photo via @sheyiadey/Instagram
Photo via @sheyiadey/Instagram

3. Make it Comfortable

Comfort is key, according to Stier. That's because more than half (54 percent) of employed Americans say that an uncomfortable work area is the source of their unhappiness.
“You don’t have to work in a fancy high-rise office to experience a comfortable work environment,” he told Forbes. “Providing ergonomic chairs or adjustable-height desks allows for more movement and comfort for employees in the workplace.”

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