The Mistake You're Likely to Make When Quitting a Job, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Kayla Heisler1.16k
May 19, 2024 at 4:37PM UTC

Good and bad—all things come to an end. For better or worse, this includes our time spent as employees. While there are many routes you can take to resign with a company, every now and then something goes amiss. If you’re considering leaving a job, look to the stars to find out what mistake you’re most likely to make according to your astrological sign.


Ruled by Mars, the planet of action, you may act before truly thinking things through. While your passionate nature can serve you well when beginning a new journey, have a plan in place before walking out of the office door. Don’t let your confidence get the best of you, and remain humble on your way out--you never know what connections you’ll need in the future.


Your sense of loyalty can keep you somewhere that no longer bring you joy for too long because the prospect of walking away causes a sense of guilt. Even after moving toward new horizons, you may latch onto your old coworkers, but it’s important to get the most of a new journey by diving into a fresh start.


Mercury, messenger of the gods, is your ruling planet. The good news is that communication can be helpful in general. The downside is you’re more likely to overshare when it comes time to leave. Remember that it’s ok to keep some information to yourself as you move on, and you don’t want to spread word of your leaving until you’re positive you’re ready to act.


Your tendency to change your mind can lead to you quitting without being prepared. You may become positive about your convictions and jump when your feelings become too strong. While listening your gut has its place, make sure to give yourself time to settle before doing anything rash. 


Being in touch with yourself and proud is a great skill in many ways, but don’t let it turn to cockiness. When quitting, this can leave you putting the cart before the horse and bragging. Hold off. It’s great to know your worth, but it’s also important to stay humble in your departure.


Ever the planner, you’ve waited too long to find the absolute perfect opportunity. Remember that being constantly unhappy is enough of a reason to leave. While it’s good to have a plan, don’t let logistics keep you from seeking out your happiness. 


While it is a smart move to see how pros and cons stack up against one another, keep in mind that things are rarely black and white. Weighing the good against and the bad can keep you in limbo for ever. After you’ve considered things logically, take time to listen to what you want in your heart.


Your passion can lead you to be dramatic. While you may be tempted to rage quit or give less notice than you should, don’t let a small matter set you off. Keep a steady head, and don’t spring your resignation on at the last minute.


You often press your luck and trust that things will work out for you as you tend to maintain a sunny outlook. Your spontaneity can draw others in, but it can also cause trouble if you quit without a plan. Don’t let your hopeful nature get the better of you, and have a solid place to land before letting go of what you have already.


Your ambitious nature can push you to do great things, but your self-criticism can also keep you from taking the leap since you naturally analyze every detail. Rather than staying at a place where you know the lay of the land, trust yourself to adapt to new surroundings when you’re current place of work no longer offers the chance to be all you can be.


You’re super innovative and passionate, but that open nature can increase the likelihood of quitting before finding something new. Take time to find a next step and lean into the practicalities of moving on.


You can focus more on the dream-like than the practical. That said, it’s important to have an exit strategy before leaving. You may get caught up in the fantasy of life after your current job, but taking practical precautions to ensure that reality is taken care of will help make your transition smooth.

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