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Super mom Chrissy Teigen just revealed that she and her husband, musician John Legend, got matching tattoos to honor their children. The sleek tattoos include their daughter and their son's names: Luna and Miles. Then, Chrissy's says "John" and John's says "Chrissy." 

Looking for some mom tattoo design inspiration for your own ink? 

Here are 35 mom tattoos that could work for anyone — whether you're looking for something bright and colorful or something sleek a la the Legends. 


1. If you're into astrology, try getting your child's astrological symbol and birthday tatted. 


2. Want something sleek like Chrissy Teigen's mom tattoo? Try getting an ultrasound heartbeat. 


3. If you want to remember your ultrasound in an even bigger way, try getting the entire image inked. 


4. Looking for something big and bright? Look no further!


5. This woman got her child's art tattooed on her arm; that's a much better place for it than on the fridge!

@tracimanley6. This old-school tattoo is the perfect place to put your child's name.

7. This heart will help you remember all the details of your child's birth.

8. Getting your child's favorite toy or stuffed animal tattooed isn't just cute — it's super sentimental.

9. Getting your toddler's signature as a tattoo is an understated way to remember those pre-k days. 


10. Have more than one kid? No problem! Try out there arrows to keep all their names in a row. 


11. This blue heart tattoo is absolutely beautiful. 


12. These feet are a cute reminder of your baby's first few days at home. 


13. This simple and pretty signature is a great way to get your kids' names tattooed on you. 


14. These pretty flowers will look perfect with your child's name.

15. This adorable initial contains all the important details about your baby's first day. 

16. This sweet drawing of a mom and her little ones would be sweet on your side or on your back. 


17. This angel paired with your child's birthdate is classic and cool. 


18. This artistic sketch portrait is a great way to bring your favorite baby picture to life. 


19. This artsy mom and child portrait is equal parts trendy and tender.


20. Pair your child's name with a symbol to dress it up. 


21. This baby's foot is a collage of your child's first moments. 

22. Does your family love dinosaurs? Get one to symbolize each of your children. 


23. This simple mom and child outline will remind you of your favorite moments. 


24. This cartoon-y heartbeat tattoo looks especially cute on a long surface like your shoulder or leg. 


25. These teeny, tiny feet are a subtle way to say "I love you." 

@yshiww26. This foot and roman numeral combination looks fresh and professional. 


27. This sleek name tattoo looks just like the Legends's!


28. These colorful foxes are an abstract way to show your love to your little one. 


29. Sometimes, a simple name tattoo works best. 


30. This mom got her daughter's drawn family portrait painted on her arm. 


31. This anime mom and child is playful and fun — just like your afternoons together! 


32. This sweet image is brightened with the pop of red. 


33. A sweet side profile shows this mom cuddling her new child. 


34. If you named your child for a character or special meaning, try getting that inked. 


35. This mom and child illustration is small but beautiful. @ink_fist

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