My Coworkers Encouraged Me to Fearlessly Pursue Opportunities — Today, I’m a Global Network Leader

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My Coworkers Encouraged Me to Fearlessly Pursue Opportunities — Today, I’m a Global Network Leader

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Verizon Careers
Verizon Careers
May 18, 2024 at 7:41AM UTC

As VP of West Network Assurance, Abby Knowles leads a team of engineers responsible for building and operating our wireless network. In her role, she has made it her mission to shape the workforce of the future by bringing diverse talent to Verizon’s Network and Technology organization.   

Fearlessly pursue opportunities.

When Abby began her Verizon career as an engineer, she felt a sense of inclusion right off the bat when a supportive group of co-workers encouraged her to fearlessly pursue opportunities. This advice has guided Abby’s journey as she moved up the corporate ladder, overseeing Verizon through many changes, including building FiOS, launching a nationwide 4G network and building up the 5G network

As she leads her team through change, Abby strives to take this forward-thinking culture to the next level while leveraging advanced technology to help Verizon stay ahead of the game and truly change the world.

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“My team is driven by the customer experience. It’s great to have teams that think about not just the technical aspects of the job, but how everything we do impacts the service we provide,” Abby said. “We are entering an age that is increasingly data and technology-centric. Being on the side that is designing how technology will change and improve the world we live in is revolutionary.”

The power of diversity in the workplace.

Abby Knowles (center) and her team are a part of the Global Network Operations and Assurance organization
Abby Knowles (center) and her team are a part of the Global Network Operations and Assurance organization
Throughout her leadership journey, Abby has witnessed firsthand the different perspectives that V Teamers from different walks of life bring to Verizon. This taught her another important lesson she carries with her today: Make a seat for everyone at the table. 
“Candidates can feel welcome here because we value people on the merit of their ideas — not their title or how they look,” she said. “Having diverse teams is crucial because their perspectives can provide insight into our diverse customer base. These teams give our customers a voice within the network.”   

Abby keeps this in mind as she grows her own team,  often looking at the bigger picture in considering top talent from a wide variety of backgrounds and industries. For Abby, driving an inclusive culture and bringing diverse talent to Verizon’s technical organizations is part of her life’s work.

Fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Since her early career, Abby has witnessed firsthand the inclusive work environment that Verizon affords its employees. Seeing female tech leaders pave the way for V Teamers like herself has been especially exciting for her. “I have been fortunate to have been led by women in top leadership roles right from the start of my career,” Abby said. “Seeing women leaders in technology has been an inspiration here at Verizon.”

Beyond her role, Abby has contributed to Verizon’s diverse culture by co-hosting career advancement information sessions for V Teamers in different Employee Resource Groups — including Black Resource Association of Verizon Employees (BRAVE), Hispanic Support Organization (HSO) and Women’s Association of Verizon Employees (WAVE). Every day, she works to foster an environment that welcomes candidates from diverse backgrounds and industries, continuing in our mission to promote a culture of inclusion.

Learn more about Verizon's continued diversity and inclusion efforts.
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