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Being a nanny is an incredible way to care for, educate and make a difference in children’s lives. Yet becoming a nanny isn’t always a clear career path. Every nanny position requires different responsibilities, qualifications and even personal characteristics. There are difficult issues of pay, work value and contentious family relationships. Whether you’re a nanny looking for your next after-school activity, advice on how to ask for a raise or just another nanny to share your experiences with, these blogs will not only answer your questions but provide honest, insightful advice.

9 Best blogs for nannies.

Personal advice.

1. Nanny Mag

Inspiration, empowerment and advice — what more can you need to gain confidence in your professional position? Nanny Mag offers pieces from nannies and parents alike to give real and honest tips on everything about the social, emotional and professional aspects of the nannying career. Read about setting boundaries at work or why it’s easier to be kind to another person’s child. Whether you’re looking for craft inspirations or emotional essays, Nanny Mag’s got the blog post for you.

2. The Funny Nanny

Looking for a little humor in your nanny life? The Funny Nanny offers tips and advice for all things nanny- and au pair- related. These blog posts don’t just speak to nannies — they’re also great for parents looking to help their nannies out or just say thank you in the most appreciative way. While the tips might be presented in a fun or quirky way, the advice is seriously helpful. The Funny Nanny gets down to business with its resources and offers information on job searching, criminal background checks, nanny courses, associations, education and even tax and payroll services.

3. Be the Best Nanny

If you’re looking for personal, emotional advice, Be the Best Nanny can provide insight. Although the site takes a traditional blog form, the categories are unique. “Nanny Confessions” give personal accounts of nannies and their everyday thoughts. “Respect Professional Boundaries” offers advice on how to keep and maintain boundaries and navigate social relationships in the nannying world. Want to get inspired on the job? The blog also offers creative projects and cooking with kids tips.

Connecting with other nannies and families.

4. My Nanny Circle

Looking for a place to share ideas, inspiration, and stories with other nannies? My Nanny Circle provides a platform for nannies to connect with one another and promote the value of the services they have to offer. The site offers opportunities to not only share personal stories but also to debate issues in the professional side of their careers. Nannies can discuss trends in the industry, learn how to value and improve the value of their services and understand what jobs are best for them.

5. The Nannyhood

Created by an experienced nanny looking for adult interaction, The Nannyhood focuses on providing a community for nannies around the globe. Need a mentor? The Nannyhood offers a variety of mentoring sessions, whether you need help negotiating an agreement with your nanny family or someone to look over your nanny resume. Advice also comes in the blog format, with fun, personal entries written by the blog’s creator. Finally, the site offers the ability to “join the hood” — groups of nannies by area that hold events and monthly hangouts. You’ll never feel alone with this vivacious, caring community.

6. Nanny Counsel

The Nanny Counsel speaks to both nannies and parents to help foster healthy relationships between families and their nannies. While they speak to common social issues nannies and parents may face, they also offer information on industry standards and the employment process. Nannies can find targeted coaching on the site, and nannies and parents can sign up for consulting sessions together. The Nanny Counsel then puts their advice into action with their own nanny placement services.

Placement Services

7. The Nanny League

The Nanny League distinguishes from other nanny placement sites with its focus on college-educated nannies. Nannies available for placement from the service go through a rigorous screening and selection process; whether you’re a highly qualified nanny or family looking for one, The Nanny League hopes to foster the best nanny and family relationship. The Nanny League team also works outside of placement with philanthropy initiatives and creative, engaging blog posts.

8. The Geeked Out Nanny Agency

This nanny agency provides a wide variety of placement services, ranging from childcare in a group daycare home to substitute childcare specialists. Whether you’re looking for something part-time or full care, the agency works to find perfect matches of childcare workers and families. Nannies and babysitters at the agency can enjoy job stability and security, as well as respect and confidence in their position. Both families and their nannies will have long-standing relationships with the agency to ensure that the match is not only perfect initially but for the entire nanny duration.

9. Adventure Nannies

If you’re part of an active or traveling family, or hoping to work with one, Adventure Nannies provides unique placement services for all things adventure. Nannies with the Adventure Nannies company often have teaching or educational experience; this means that families work with nannies who not only care for their children, but also have a passion for educating them. Per the “adventurous” nature of the company’s title, preferred nannies also have unique life or traveling experiences.

Even if you’re not the biggest blog reader, pursuing these blogs sites is a great way to find answers on areas you’re personally curious about. If you want to burst out of your own bubble, these blogs can be great resources to connect with other childcare professionals or even families who might be interested in your services. The world of nanny blogging is endless — whether you need professional, social or emotional advice.

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