3 Ways to Celebrate National Business Women's Day

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July 23, 2024 at 5:32AM UTC

On September 22, 1949,  four women in Kansas City founded the American Business Women's Association (ABWA), marking the first time the 22nd was recognized as an occasion to celebrate working women in the U.S. In 1983 and 1986, the day was commemorated with a proclamation issued by President Ronald Reagan. Ever since then, the 22nd has been designated National Business Women's Day.

When is it?

National Business Women's Day is celebrated on September 22nd, in recognition of the day the American Business Women's Association was founded.
Upcoming dates:
DateDay of the Week
September 22, 2019Sunday
September 22, 2020Tuesday
September 22, 2021Wednesday
September 22, 2022Thursday
September 22, 2023Friday

3 ways to celebrate the business women in your life. 

1. Support their work.

There isn't just one way to support women in business. For example, you can give your vote of confidence with your dollars, such as buying from women-owned businesses or awarding those businesses contracts; or, you can take it to the workplace, such as promoting women and actively seeking more women candidates for open positions. Hopefully, it's all of the above (and then some). To really support the cause, think about what influence or impact you have access to and how you can best leverage it to elevate the business women in your life. 

2. Join a women's group.

Whether it's ABWA or another professional women's association, show your support through forging connections with other women. Not only are women's groups an excellent way to broaden your network, they also often bridge ages and professions which will give you access to a diverse range of voices and experience.

3. Mentor other women.

Women have the power to open doors for other women. You may not think you're advanced enough in your career to mentor other women, but there's almost always someone one step behind you. Use what experience and the tools at hand you have to help other women, whether that means introducing people, taking coffee dates or simply talking to junior staff members and interns at your company.

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