Nearly 3 Decades in Tech: Explore How 1 Woman Grew With Her Company Instead of Leaving

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April 15, 2024 at 8:19AM UTC

“I feel like I have grown up with the company,” says Sharon, the VP of Supply Chain at Cirrus Logic, a leading mixed-signal semiconductor company based in Austin, Texas.

Sharon has been with the company for more than 28 years, during which she has held a variety of roles, including Director of Business Planning, Inventory and Logistics, covering a variety of departments, plus Sales Operations and IT.

But what has kept her at the company for nearly three decades? “Ultimately, I have stayed at Cirrus Logic because I have been given the opportunity to learn and grow — as an individual contributor and in a leadership role,” explains Sharon. “We also have an exciting and fun work environment. Couple this with the support of the Women’s Leadership Team, and what more could you ask for?”

In her current role, Sharon tells Fairygodboss that she gets a broad view into all Supply Chain levels and gets to work with many different departments within the company. 

We caught up with Sharon to learn more about the opportunities that Cirrus Logic has provided that have kept her around for so long. Here’s what she had to say.

What opportunities did Cirrus Logic provide that ultimately helped you land your role?

I’ve been afforded opportunities to participate in many of the larger projects for the company, including new systems development and acquisition integrations. By trying new departments and projects, I feel that Cirrus Logic gave me different viewpoints of the business, including the occasional role of troubleshooter and problem solver, as well as the capacity to work with a lot of different people.  

Who is the most influential person in your professional life and why?

The most influential person in my professional life was my first planning manager. He gave me the opportunity to start my career in Supply Chain and always encouraged me to take on more responsibilities. He believed in me and helped me become the leader I am today.

Does Cirrus Logic have a formal program in place for mentorships or sponsorship, or is it more of a casual thing that happens organically?

We actually have both: a formal program and spontaneous/organic opportunities for mentorship. 

Our Women’s Leadership Team meets regularly in cross-functional groups to discuss current topics related to women in the workforce. Plus the group also helps colleagues work through challenges that they may be experiencing in their day-to-day environments. I actually have found that because of the size of our company and the relaxed work atmosphere, there are often many opportunities to mentor employees and help them develop in their careers.

How has having a mentor or sponsor enriched your own work experience?

Having a mentor has meant that I am not alone. It also means that I have a sounding board to talk through questions and help me find areas for improvement. I can discuss issues or work with my mentor on how best to handle certain situations.

Do you feel like your mentorship experience has been reflective of the overall culture at Cirrus Logic?

I feel like my mentorship experience reflects the overall culture at Cirrus Logic. The organic development of relationships is in line with the relaxed atmosphere and culture that has developed at the company.

What’s your go-to stress-relief activity or routine?

I would love to say that my go-to stress relief is going for a walk or some other healthy activity, but I have to admit that I really enjoy watching TV that I don’t have to think about! I won’t mention any names, but cooking shows, home renovation and reality TV is the best way for me to unwind and de-stress.

What is your favorite perk about working at Cirrus Logic?

My favorite perks at Cirrus Logic are all the extra goodies we have received during our work-from-home period. 

Our work environment always has elements of fun, but being at home and keeping everyone connected has been a big challenge. There have been many surprise shipments of goodies — from fruit baskets, to a wellness gift pack, to cookies as a “just because” treat, to a game night box for the whole family to enjoy. 

Cirrus Logic makes everyone feel connected and special — they really go above and beyond to support their employees.


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