‘Never Give Up’ and Other Top Tips for Veterans Transitioning Into Civilian Careers

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Lyvette Rabon. Photo courtesy of Delta Dental Ins.

Lyvette Rabon. Photo courtesy of Delta Dental Ins.

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July 20, 2024 at 6:10AM UTC

Are you a veteran considering taking on a civilian job? Wondering how to achieve this? Well, Lyvette Rabon has been in your shoes — and she has some top advice for you. 

“My number one piece of advice is to never give up,” Rabon tells us. “There are many resources available to you through the V.A. and civilian employment agencies that can help you stay informed about today's job market. I encourage you to take advantage of these resources and stay persistent in your job search. With hard work and determination, you will find the right job that fits your skills and experience.”

It’s also important to surround yourself with people who will uplift you during this journey. In her own experience, Rabon recalls how transitioning from being a Soldier to civilian employment was a challenge. “However, with the support of my family, friends, and fellow veterans, things became much smoother for me,” she shares. “Coming from a family of Soldiers, I already had some knowledge of the resources and job search assistance available. Additionally, obtaining my B.A. while serving gave me a significant advantage when entering civilian life. All in all, it was a difficult process, but I feel grateful for the support I received along the way.”

Thanks, in part, to this support and the resources available, Rabon ended up joining the team at Delta Dental Ins as a Customer Advocate. From here, she worked her way up through the ranks, eventually becoming a Coordinator and now a Customer Operations Supervisor. “It's been a great journey, and I'm looking forward to celebrating my three-year anniversary with Delta Dental Ins. this month,” Rabon says.

Here, she dives more into her role, what it’s like working at Delta Dental Ins., and how her veteran skills help her excel!

Exploring my professional life at Delta Dental Ins.

In her current role as a Supervisor in the Customer Operations Center at Delta Dental, Rabon tells us that she leads, coaches, and inspires her team to meet departmental expectations and business unit goals. “It's a challenging job, but I love it,” she says.

And her experience as a veteran has proven to be a great advantage in this role. “My Military background has provided me with unique perspectives as far as leadership style is concerned,” notes Rabon. “I am always meeting deadlines, flexible with my advocates, and willing and capable of thinking out of the box for individual development.”

In fact, development is a major focus at Delta Dental Ins., and Rabon’s professional growth is supported every step of the way at the company. “I feel fortunate to work for a company that values its employees and encourages us to grow and develop our skills,” says Rabon. “I appreciate that Delta Dental is an all-inclusive organization that makes the extra effort to give employees the courage to lead, make connections, and the opportunity to collaborate with other departments.”

One way that Delta Dental Ins. achieves this is by providing access to Percipio, an online learning and training platform, which enables employees like Rabon to receive certifications. “This allows me to continuously evolve my leadership style and product knowledge,” she explains. “I feel fortunate to be a part of such a supportive and dynamic workplace.”

And this support extends beyond resources and benefits! The people who work at Delta Dental Ins. also uplift one another through their daily actions. For example, “I remember feeling so proud when the Senior V.P. at my company knew my name before she even met me due to my top performance,” Rabon recalls. “It was a great moment for me, and it confirmed that my career ambitions were possible at Delta Dental.”

For someone considering joining the supportive and encouraging Delta Dental Ins. team, Rabon suggests that you make this leap. “Do not limit yourself,” she emphasizes. “Even if you think you don’t qualify, apply for the position to gain knowledge and experience interviewing.” Want to follow her advice? Click the following link to apply to an open position today! 

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