New Managers Need to Read This Woman’s Advice on Going From a Good Boss to a Great One

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New Managers Need to Read This Woman’s Advice on Going From a  Good Boss to a Great One

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April 15, 2024 at 2:48AM UTC

Becoming a great leader doesn’t only require drive or ambition — it requires a growth-oriented culture. Enterprise Assistant Manager Kelby W. may credit her professional discipline to her time as a student athlete, but she credits her career progression to Enterprise’s supportive, promote-from-within culture. 

Kelby started her career with Enterprise as a Customer Service Representative in a neighborhood location. After learning that role, gaining experience, and graduating from college, she joined the Management Training Program. As she began to earn promotions, she learned a few lessons — from her bosses and from her employees — on how to be a leader who inspires. She also learned more about Enterprise’s diverse business and how it attracts top talent.

Recently, Kelby shared the most memorable career advice she’s received, what she considers the most important management skill and the quality that makes a good boss a great one. She also shared why she’ll be sticking around Enterprise for a long time. 

How long have you been with Enterprise? Why did you first decide to apply?

I’ve been with Enterprise for about two years now. I was a student athlete in college and when I graduated, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I went to school for management, so when I saw that Enterprise offered a Management Training Program, I decided to pursue it. 

Throughout my job search, I saw a ton of positive reviews about Enterprise. After my first interview, I realized there was so much opportunity at this organization. I’ve been here ever since. 

Tell us about the roles you've held at Enterprise. What about your current role most excites you?

I started as a Customer Service Representative, then when I graduated from college, I became a Management Trainee. I then moved into a Management Assistant and then an Assistant Manager role. I was recently promoted to Assistant Manager at a larger location at the Bozeman Airport. Learning the full scope of operations at a large airport is exciting because I’m getting the experience that I need to help me continue to grow my career as a manager.

Describe the Enterprise Management Training Program and how it prepared you for future success. 

The program provides you with the training you’ll need to be successful in all aspects of the Enterprise business, but especially in sales, marketing and customer service. Customer service is probably the most important aspect of the business, so you learn a lot of the people skills that are necessary to do the job. You’re then tested on your skills and from there are provided opportunities to apply to become a management assistant. 

What’s something you’re especially proud of professionally?

I work really hard. I am typically the first person to arrive and the last person to go home. Being a student athlete really helped me prepare for my career by teaching me discipline. If you want to be the best in your sport, you've got to work hard at it — and it’s no different in your career.

A lot of people believe that developing your career means changing companies, and not infrequently. What has enabled you to develop/advance your career without job hopping?

Enterprise is special because they only promote from within for their operational roles. Everybody in rental starts as a Management Trainee, so it’s encouraging to be able to look around and see how others have progressed. And the support is amazing. If you have a bad day, you can call your manager and they will talk you through any situation and give you the guidance you’re looking for. 

Ultimately, what has led you to stay with Enterprise?

I love that Enterprise acknowledges and rewards hard work. Whether it’s a promotion, change in compensation or even a “great job today,” they really make it a point to let their employees know when they’re excelling. 

What, in your opinion, is the most important management skill?

Adapting to people’s differences in communication style is really important. This has been much tougher than I’d imagined. I make sure I am always sharing what I need and what I want from my team. You can’t assume that people know what you’re thinking. 

What was the best quality of the best boss you’ve ever had?

Knowing how to balance being a leader and a mentor. Some of the best bosses I’ve had have not only given me career advice, but also personal advice. 

What’s the most memorable piece of career advice you’ve received?

My area manager once told me: “If you aren’t trying to achieve personal goals, you won’t be able to achieve professional goals.” Personally, I trained for months to run a half marathon this summer and was thrilled when I accomplished my goal. Professionally, my next goal is to become a Branch Manager! 


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