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Anassa kata!

Over all a pretty good place to work, depending on the department you're in. Maternity leave is good compared to many other companies (10 weeks paid) but is still sorely lacking. Your options for upward mobility will, in most departments, top out at a middle manager or senior manage role if you don't have experience working in a rental branch. This is a great place to work if you get into rental right out of college and can spare a few years of physical labor and long hours to work your way up the food chain. Opportunities feel like they're presented equally to men and women in terms of promotion, however I've noticed men in positions of power are more likely to pull other men into strategy meetings, leaving women without a seat at the table. That being said, most men in leadership positions who I've encountered are open to feedback and do make efforts to fix issues (like failing to include women in important conversations) if those issues are brought to their attention. In a nutshell: the men here are still "men" but they are more likely to accept and act on feedback, rather than blow you off, as men in some other companies might. Additional points for having a female CEO and a female COO.

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Madam cheekytee

I do not have any children and many of my female colleagues didn't either because we all had the same fear of being stressed out and miscarry and/or no time to take care of family business. The women who made it to management only started having children many of them appear to be 40+yrs old. Unless you have a great support system to take care of your family while you work for 10-12 hrs a day your entire career you will not be happy here. The company does recognize hard work with celebration and other perks.

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Lady dapookster


I worked for this employer for over a decade. There are a lot of inter-office politics that women often do not benefit from in the end. Performance is supposedly rewarded, but not without meeting unrealistic goals. Additionally, those that are in executive leadership roles tend act condescendingly to support staff.

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How do women feel about working at Enterprise Holdings? 45% think they are treated fairly and equally to men. 27% would recommend Enterprise Holdings to other women, and women have a job satisfaction rating of 3.1 out of 5. What are the benefits at Enterprise Holdings? Enterprise Holdings offers 10 weeks of paid maternity leave, 2 weeks of unpaid maternity leave, healthcare, flextime, 401-k matching. These benefits are based on tips anonymously submitted by Enterprise Holdings employees.

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