Over Half of Millennials Couldn't Afford to Take a Vacation This Year

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Not everyone got away this summer. About 55% of Millennials have not taken a vacation in the past year because they couldn’t afford it, according to a survey conducted by DepositAccounts.
Maybe part of it is their unwillingness to charge their vacation: they’re the generation the least likely to pay for their getaway with a credit card. Instead, the vast majority (72%) budget for their vacations, although 74% wish they even had more money to save for a vay-cay.
A little under half – 46% – of Americans overall opted out of their vacation this year because it busted their budget. Just 35% of Baby Boomers had to skip out.

How do people pay for their vacations?

Charge it: One in four (23%) use credit cards for their forays away from home. (Thirty-four percent of people have been in vacation-related debt).
Cash: About 39% of respondents primarily fund their vacations with cash.
Savings: A third of respondents say they have a separate account used just for travel.

How much does the average vacation cost?

Most people spend just under $1,000. Only 16% spend $3,000 or above.
Most Americans (66%) want to be saving more for vacations, especially Millennials (74%) and Gen Xers (72%). Overall, about seven in 10 Americans actually are saving for their next vacation.
— Sheila McClear

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This story originally appeared on Ladders