Posting These 4 Things On LinkedIn Increases Your Chances of Landing a Job

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Picture this: You are jobless. You wake up to look for your next job and go to bed many hours later still contemplating when you will be in your new position. 
You sincerely want to get out of your house, so you do all the traditional "I need a job" activities. You start the day with a positive mantra or quote, you Google your name to clean up your online footprint, you update your resume and practice interview questions, then you contact your personal and professional network to let them know you're hirable. You might even be attending some in-person networking events, if you're really on the prowl. 
But wait: There's an important modern aspect of the job search that you need to be doing, and it happens online. Let’s talk about the 4 types of posts you need to make on LinkedIn that will help you score your next job. 

1. Any articles you've written. 

At its core, LinkedIn is a platform to show off your expertise and experience. One of the best ways to use the platform is to write and publish articles that achieve just that. You can build your personal brand and demonstrate your communication skills (plus highlight your awesome thoughts) by penning an article on current events, a strategy you use in the office, or any other topic that highlights your expertise. Employers will get a more holistic impression of you as a candidate from your page, and as a result, may be more magnetized to you for the role of your dreams. 

2. Articles and engaging posts about your industry.

Most people are not mind readers. They won't know you're engaged with the breaking news of your industry unless you show them. We are inundated with breaking news, engagement and baby announcements, fake news alerts, political updates, stock market news, and so much more. And while it's good to be social,  social media engagement around your industry and relevant news items will showcase your interest in your industry, and in the innovation and community that keeps it alive.

3. A post in a LinkedIn Group.

Are you familiar with LinkedIn Groups? There are several groups waiting for you to join that can offer ongoing personal and professional benefits. Not only can you make new connections, but you can share content, ask questions, and learn new industry tips. These groups can be a tremendous resource where you can share your current job-seeking status.  You will be surprised how strangers are happy to help you get the new job you want. You might just make a new industry connection with your post. 

4. A complimentary comment. 

If you are interested in working with a company, how are you showing your interest and support of the company? Are you following the company on LinkedIn? Are you commenting on their shared content? Applying for a position is just one way to get noticed. LinkedIn is another creative tool that you can use to connect with hiring managers and company representatives. Getting creative with your job hunt could be the reason you get the job you want.


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