3 Signs You’re Ready to Ask for a Promotion, According to a CEO

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Deborah Sweeney102
MyCorporation.com CEO
June 16, 2024 at 6:12PM UTC
As a business owner, I have a pretty keen sense for knowing when an employee is ready for a promotion. That sense is not based on nepotism or the amount of time they have held the role. A promotion is also not rewarded to anyone constantly asking for a raise while putting in minimum effort.
The truth is getting a promotion is usually not a surprise to the employee. Several signs lead up to this moment, many of which showcase the employee’s capability and growth. You’ll know it’s time to be promoted  when  you exhibit these signs that show you’re ready to move up the career ladder.

1. You show consistency and reliability in the workplace.

Something I would like to make clear in this subheader is that “consistency” at work does not equate to being on autopilot. It’s fairly easy to spot someone going through the motions. Usually, this means someone will do what is asked of them and no more than that. Even then, you may find you need to micromanage so they stay focused on their work.
You feel confident if you step away from a consistent, reliable employee. They will have a track record for proving they can manage and keep up with their responsibilities. Sometimes they may ask for help, which is perfectly fine if they truly need it. But for the most part, they take initiative and move forward, on their own and as part of a team, to accomplish assignments that exceed expectations.
As for the mention about reliability? This applies to the hours employees work and time they invest in the role. Promotions usually require greater accountability, so the employee should have an established track record for arriving to work on time and maintaining exemplary attendance.

2. You prove you can step up to the plate.

This ties in with consistency. In addition to getting their work done and doing it well, an employee priming for a promotion will ask to do more. They will offer to help others in their department who need an extra pair of hands. They may even go directly to their boss and ask if there are any tasks or projects you need help completing.
Generally, stepping up to the plate is done without a manager or boss asking you to do it. It’s a sign that you have become a bit more efficient in your role and better understand how to balance your time. As a result, the free time you do have you may use to help others and learn new techniques or strategies. The more you learn and become familiar with, the more you place yourself in a position for a promotion.

3. You possess a “bigger picture” mindset.

We often talk about the need to stay hungry. Being curious about the world around us helps us grow, but in the workplace especially it staves off stagnation.
It’s quite easy to get comfortable and coast in a routine. The employee you promote won’t be doing any of that. They’ll be prioritizing deliverables and getting the job done, but they’ll also be looking ahead. They’ll ask questions, be mindful of trends and want to have conversations about what they can change for the better in the business. 
It’s impressive to see, and hear, because it shows that the employee cares about the future of the business. Moreover, they want to leave behind their mark — and a promotion can guide them towards doing that.

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