Ready for Your Next Career Move? 5 Reasons to Consider Consulting

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Ready for Your Next Career Move? 5 Reasons to Consider Consulting

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Alvarez & Marsal, a global professional services firm with a reputation for turning around the performance of high-profile companies, isn’t just known for attracting high-achieving talent. It’s also known for providing that talent with an impressive number of benefits and resources, helping them to thrive on the job and at home. 

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What, exactly, makes A&M a supportive place for women who want to excel professionally and personally? Below, we rounded up five reasons. 

1. There are growth opportunities, on a global scale.

A&M believes that its success as an organization is bolstered by the diversity of thought of its leadership. Not only does this mean attracting leaders from a range of backgrounds and identities; it also means helping existing talent to expand their expertise, and international assignments are one tool for achieving that. With clients and collaboration opportunities across the globe, the potential to stretch in your career here is endless. 

“The benefit of being connected across geographies and business units has been made evident when it comes time to pitch for a global mandate or deliver complex, cross-functional work,” one female director at A&M said. “I have experienced first-hand how much more powerful the A&M offer is when we tap into our full network of experiences, contacts and skill sets.”

Additionally, for women at A&M seeking further growth opportunities, the A&M Women’s Leadership Connection employee resource group provides targeted initiatives around networking, professional development and mentorship.

2. The benefits are comprehensive. 

Employment today is a two-way street, and the folks at A&M see a clear business value in investing in their own talent. That’s why benefit coverage here includes: 

  • Comprehensive health coverage, including a healthcare concierge

  • 24/7 virtual health care

  • Retirement savings plan

  • Life and disability insurance

  • Family leave and adoption reimbursement policies

  • Generous paid time off

  • Supplemental benefits and corporate discounts

3. There’s an entrepreneurial culture.

In her review on Fairygodboss, one employee testified to the company’s “startup mentality.” This extends to the way continual learning and development are baked into A&M’s culture. Between a spate of technical courses, soft skills workshops, leadership development trainings, professional accreditation support and conferences to choose from, employees are supported in expanding their skill sets and growing as professionals here. 

4. Wellness is more than a buzzword.

The consulting industry often gets a bad rap for being a space where worker wellness is far from a priority. At A&M, wellness and balance are encouraged and promoted through a formal Wellness Program, which includes: 

  • Discounted gym memberships

  • Corporate-sponsored events

  • One-on-one health coaching

  • Firm-wide fitness challenges

  • Local office fitness events

  • Healthy onsite snack options

5. The company is led by a strong set of core values, including a belief in giving back.

As a global company, the professionals at A&M believe they have a responsibility to give back to the local communities they serve across the world. Through a series of internal giving programs, employees have the opportunity to contribute their time and talents to a variety of causes, partnering with over 100 organizations (and counting) to drive an impact. From initiatives aimed at helping veterans and global reforestation efforts to providing aid to underserved youth and natural disaster victims, A&M is proud of its professionals’ efforts to give back.

On a day-to-day basis, the company keeps its value system close by prioritizing its core values of “Integrity, Quality, Objectivity, Fun and Personal Reward” and working to incorporate them into initiatives for employees, clients and the community.


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