9 Pieces of Style Advice That’ll Help You Avoid Fashion Fails At Work

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Leah Thomas866
April 17, 2024 at 6:29AM UTC

Discovering your personal style is something a lot of women struggle with. The seemingly unlimited clothing options made accessible, at least for browsing purposes, by the likes of Pinterest and Instagram can make it hard to differentiate between what we like on ourselves versus what we like on other people. Further adding to one's confusion is the abundance of "style gurus" preaching to us from various corners of the internet, each with a different philosophy for what women should consider their wardrobes must-haves.

Cutting through the noise, one woman reached out to the FGB Community to ask for the single best piece of style advice each FGB'er has received.

Out of the dozens of women who responded, a few time-honored pieces of fashion advice — as well as some adages we hadn't yet encountered! — stood out.

1. You can never go wrong with black.

In what is probably the most New York City-approved piece of advice of all time: wear black! Black is slimming, sleek, and definitely versatile when it comes to parties, events, work and more. This hue can help you achieve every type of look, from professional to modern to sexy. (Bonus? It's even been proved to help people land jobs!)

2. Comfort, above all, is key.

Most of us want to look stylish to some degree, or at least put together. But being comfortable is crucial when it comes to choosing what goes into your closet. If you're not comfortable, you're probably not going to feel your best OR perform your best, especially in a social setting in which you don't feel relaxed. Being uncomfortable can alter your entire mood and ruin your day or night. Whenever possible, try to find the comfortable alternative to a trendy look.

3. Give yourself a point system for creativity.

We love this! This point system will work well for women who want to branch out when it comes to their personal style but have a hard time doing so. It can also work for women who are a little too comfortable branching out and are looking to moderate their look. You can even create your own point system based on your everyday attire. One FGB'er responded: “This is a really cool idea that I'll admit I fail miserably at. Counting nails and makeup and today I'm at five — and this is a colorful day for me!”

4. If you feel at all "iffy" about a purchase — don't buy it.

We all love to shop, which means that being responsible about clothing purchases can be a struggle. Try to be picky about which items you spend your money on, though, and only dish out the cash for pieces you truly love, feel comfortable in, and know you will wear regularly. Some women recommend investing in a few classic and versatile pieces, like a good pair of jeans or a solid blazer you can wear with pretty much anything, rather than spending your money on an extravagant dress you know you’ll only wear once.

5. Follow the Marie Kondo method.

Does it spark joy? Does it make you feel great? If not, this FGB’er thinks you should ditch the outfit altogether, and we agree. If you don't like a particular top, pants, skirt, etc., why buy it? Why wear it? Wear the clothes you feel your best in. If you don’t feel confident and comfortable, toss it in the donation pile. 

6. Wear what you can be a warrior in.

Maybe your day-to-day doesn't involve throwing many punches. We'll buy that. But test-driving how well you can move in an article of clothing is a great exercise to determine how comfortable you'll ultimately feel in it! At the very least, you're not likely to buy too-tight jeans again. 

7. Invest in fit.  

We've all seen the person (or been that person) whose name-brand outfit loses its luster due to poor fit or negligent care. It doesn't matter how much you've spent on an item — it won't look quality if it's ill-fitting and rumpled. If you see an item you love while shopping but know already that it will require tailoring, consider that part of the up-front expense. 

8. Don't forget to invest in what goes underneath your clothes, too.

Bras and undergarments matter as much for comfort and confidence as what you layer on top of them! 

9. Remember: rules were made to be broken.

Which kind of defeats the purpose of this post, but we love it anyway. A twist on this piece of advice we also love: make your own rules. Don’t listen to others’ opinions on what you should or shouldn’t wear before you listen to your own opinions. Take professional clothing advice from those in your field and those who understand your office environment, sure. But before all else, trust your own instincts when it comes to fashion. Embrace your personal style; it’s unique!

Have a question about fashion — or your career, or your relationship, or pretty much anything? Ask it in the FGB Community to hear from women who are rooting for you.

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