‘Recruiters Are Advocating for You!’ Here Are The Tips You Need to Get That Job!

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Katie Perretto. Photo courtesy of Equinix.

Katie Perretto. Photo courtesy of Equinix.

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July 14, 2024 at 5:36PM UTC

Katie Perretto says that the most memorable piece of career advice she ever received was to “pursue a career that aligns with your values.” And that’s exactly what she’s done!

As the senior manager of Talent Acquisition at Equinix, Perretto leads a talented recruiting team that connects diverse talent to opportunities where they can build their career and accelerate Equinix’s growth and transformation. She looks for candidates who are motivated with an interest in the company and its roles; have the skills, experiences, and learning agility necessary to do the work well; and have a passion for their crafts.

For others who are interested in a career in recruiting, Perretto shares the following advice: “Be continuously curious, and learn about the industry as it advances quickly. Network and build relationships. Also seek mentors and sponsors that share information and help you navigate challenges.” And this is just the start of the tips she has for jobseekers!

Here, we caught up with Perretto to learn more about what advice she has for women looking to elevate or change their careers, how they can make the most out of their job applications, nail their interviews, and more.

Let’s talk about the interview. How do you suggest candidates prepare for an interview, for example an interview at Equinix? 

Learn about Equinix. View our website, read our press releases, follow our social media accounts, and watch videos on our YouTube channel. Know a bit about our industry — what the headwinds are, who our competitors are, our successes, what makes us unique, and why we are a leader in the industry.  

Also, be prepared to speak to how you can have an impact in the role you are interested in.

What are your go-to interview questions for all candidates? 

  • What interests you about this opportunity with Equinix?

  • Describe a challenging project/situation that you were able to make successful when others weren’t.

    • What were the obstacles? How did you overcome them?

  • Share a successful experience you’ve had working with different teams or functions.

What are your top five pieces of advice for acing an interview?

  1. Be positive and demonstrate enthusiasm.

  2. Practice responding to common interview questions so you feel more prepared and confident.

  3. Have a point of view on how you can contribute to the team and the company.

  4. Actively listen and provide examples of what you have done versus what you would do.

    • Share specific examples that highlight your experience and accomplishments.

  5. Ask thoughtful questions about the position, the team, and/or the company.

What are your biggest tips for what NOT to do when applying or interviewing at a company?

  • Not researching the company and being unable to answer, “What do you know about Equinix?” or “What interests you about an opportunity at Equinix?”

  • For virtual interviews, not preparing your environment. For instance, interviewing from a loud, public place, not being on camera, or dressing too casually. (We’ve all had a cat, dog, or child unexpectedly join a Zoom call. )

  • Contacting a recruiter to request that they review your LinkedIn profile and let you know what positions you currently qualify for instead of applying to positions of interest yourself.

  • Applying to multiple positions that do not have similar requirements and vary greatly in level of experience.

  • Doubting yourself or letting imposter syndrome creep in.

    • Companies are seeking your talent, experience, knowledge, and skills. Recruiters are advocating for you. We want to qualify you, not disqualify you.’

Moving on, how can you best make their application and skills standout? 

You should showcase your achievements. Share the scope and impact of your initiatives and projects. And try to use metrics (such as a percentage of increase to revenue and savings).

We hear from so many women that it’s hard to get past automated application systems if they don’t have a personal connection at a company. How do you suggest women get through automated systems?

  • Use relevant keywords that match the job description. Many automated systems scan keywords to determine if the application matches the requirements.

  • Use simple formatting because it’s easiest for systems to read.  Resumes that are clean and concise with standard job titles and relevant skills, experiences, and accomplishments listed will help the system identify qualifications and stand out for recruiters.

  • Use a standard file format to ensure the system can read and process your application.

What about making that personal connection — do you recommend candidates do outreach to current recruiters or employees for informational interviews before applying?

Recruiters and employees may not have the bandwidth to engage in informational interviews with every candidate. Tapping into and building your professional network is a great way to learn more about the company and the role, as well as find and/or strengthen connections that can provide introductions and endorsements.

What tips do you have for women who are considering a career change and want to break into a totally new role or industry? 

  • Identify your transferable skills.  

  • Gain new skills and knowledge — this helps build your skill set but also demonstrates your commitment and enthusiasm for the position and industry.

  • Build your network with people in the industry.

  • Research trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Finally, as a recruiter, what are three things about Equinix that you always make sure to highlight when talking to a candidate? 

  1. Equinix is a values-driven organization. We foster a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We encourage innovation and collaboration.

  2. We’ve had 20 years of continuous growth; no other company in history has that.

  3. We are an industry leader with a significant global presence and a commitment to sustainability.

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