How to Achieve Personal and Professional Growth, From a Career-Pivoting Engineer Who's Done It

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As a global leader in data storage solutions, with operations spanning more than 30 countries, Seagate Technology understands the incredible value of diversity and inclusion. Seagate values the contributions that each employee brings to the table every day. One such employee, Shivani, based in Minnesota, shares her thoughts about her career at Seagate.

"I still remember my first interview at Seagate. The hiring manager showed me the wonderful, high-tech labs and tester systems, which were controlling tiny heads and fast-rotating hard disks. I was so impressed—and overwhelmed—and I was not sure if I was capable enough to do the job. 

The hiring manager, who is still my manager today, said to me: "You have controlled generators and turbines with your code. I think you are capable of controlling tiny electromagnets in hard drives!" 

After a couple of weeks, I received my job offer from Seagate.” 

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Seagate recently launched the Firmware Engineering Professional Development Program, reflecting the company’s strong commitment to develop its employees—while also strengthening its pipeline of qualified firmware engineers. Participants are offered the opportunity to obtain a Master’s Degree in Computer Science paid for by Seagate, and receive mentoring support throughout, while they transition into and develop their new roles. Here is what Shivani has to say about her experience in the firmware program, and how her career has progressed since starting at Seagate:

“I started with simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) projects, and after a few months my projects started to become more and more complex. I then started writing firmware for our microchip controllers. As my projects began to grow in complexity, I asked about continuing my education at the University of Minnesota. My manager agreed, and I began to study signals and systems, as well as digital signal processing.” 

Through an annual nomination cycle, Seagate’s Ambassador Program provides selected employees from all parts of the company an opportunity to learn about the business, attend a trade show, and represent Seagate externally. As a Seagate Ambassador herself, this is what Shivani has to say about her experience: 

“Both my manager and director encouraged me to join the program, and were so motivating and encouraging. The Ambassador Program helped me to learn so much about the wonderful products and projects of Seagate; I had no idea that Seagate is involved in so many great things!

Seagate is an essential part of everyone's daily life: people take photos, videos, play video games, save and retrieve backup data—and in all these processes Seagate is involved.”

Change is an essential part of any career journey—and it can be scary to embrace. As someone who has undergone much change throughout her own career journey, Shivani shares some advice for other women seeking to shake up their careers and invest more in themselves professionally. 

“Even though I am a nervous person, I tried—and trying is the first step. Everyone has to take the first step to start any journey; if you want to do something, please go for it. You might get it.

And there are no shortcuts. Always work hard."


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