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At Seagate, we know that data is always in motion, alive, connected—and we harness it in order to maximize human potential. Our mission is to give people peace of mind by helping to protect their digital lives.

Since 1978, Seagate has been creating precision-engineered data storage technologies that deliver superior capacity, speed, safety, and performance. Seagate is a diverse workforce of about 40,000 creative, hard-working, passionate people all over the world—from Silicon Valley, through the United Kingdom, Singapore, India, and China.
Highlights from Seagate Technology
  • Seagate Technology Sonia Marrero

    Meet a Fairygodboss at Seagate Technology

    • Name

      Sonia Marrero

    • Position

      Contamination Control Engineer, Advanced Assembly Systems Group, (Transitioning into Managing Principal Engineer, Material Science Laboratory)

      Longmont, CO

    Background: B.A. Colorado School of Mines, Metallurgical Engineering
    MBA, University of Colorado at Boulder, Leeds School of Business
    Former Chairwoman, Women’s Leadership Group, Longmont, CO

    Share some fun facts:
    I lived in Puerto Rico until I was 15 years old.

    I’m a co-inventor on two US released patents.

    I like to stay active outside of work. When I’m not at the baseball field watching my son play, I’m jogging with neighbors or playing in local tennis leagues.

    What do you do at Seagate:
    I’m the contamination control lead for the cleanroom that serves as a prototype manufacturing facility in Longmont, CO.

    The cleanroom is intended to be a small scale version of our volume factory. Products in development are built and tested up to the thousands of units at our site. Once we go through initial testing and the product looks robust, we then start a soft introduction into the factory. It’s important for our environment to closely mirror the factory environment so it accurately predicts large-scale manufacturing performance.

    I work with the operators, design team, core teams (a group of people selected from different functions to work on developing a new product) and my counterparts at the factories in Thailand and China. My colleagues and I work hard to make sure the performance is predictable and that we have a feedback loop that captures any improvements that need to be made.

    What’s life like at Seagate:
    Our culture is highly collaborative. If you work at Seagate, you will most likely be on a cross-functional team. The teams are multi-cultural and very diverse. The diversity drives innovations and ensures that there are multiple viewpoints represented. Even though we’re all individual contributors we all come together to develop and deliver our products. The collaboration allows for decisions to be made quickly. Once we make a decision we don’t have to go back because everyone has agreed, allowing everything to move faster.

    One of the reasons I stay at Seagate is that no matter what group you’re in, if you ask for help people are always willing to give the time. This goes both ways, you also need to be willing to give your time to help others. My colleagues are not just friendly but are my friends. Members of my team got group ski passes, so we’ll ski together on the weekends during the winter.

    How has your career evolved at Seagate:
    I’ve worked in contamination area for most of my career. Seagate has given me experience in different parts and the drive assembly, quality, and how parts are made, which opened opportunity to move to management role in the material science lab. I’ll now manage 14 people.

    Opportunities like our internal mentor program and leadership training through Seagate have allowed me to learn and grow which prepared me for this new management role.

    Tell us about the Women’s Leadership Group:
    The objective of the Women’s Leadership Group is to establish a positive, collaborative environment where people can share tools and resources that effectively help women grow in their careers. We’ll organize sessions that are helpful to the working community including both men and women. Some of the recent tops have included leadership. Managing change and general career advice. We’re also active in the community, volunteering at local STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activities and volunteering at our site giving site tours to local Girl Scout troops. It’s a great opportunity to grow in your career, give back to the community and network across different groups within Seagate.

  • Seagate Technology Emily Chesnut

    Meet a Fairygodboss at Seagate Technology

    • Name

      Emily Chesnut

    • Position

      Engineer I, Mechanical Design Engineering

      Longmont, CO

    Background: B.S. University of Colorado at Boulder
    Mechanical Engineering, Minor Applied Mathematics, Engineering Management Certificate
    Seagate Women’s Leadership Network, Steering Committee Member

    Emily joined Seagate as a full-time employee in 2016 after spending time as a summer intern and continuing to work part-time during the school year.

    What do you do at Seagate:
    As part of the Mechanical Design Group, I work on a cover that is welded onto our sealed hard disc drives. My cover is used on four different helium-based products, all of which are in different stages of development. I’m in charge of all the drawings associated with the cover, changes and updates to it, working with our global suppliers to make sure they can develop the part, troubleshooting any issues that may arise, and working internally to make sure we can install the cover on the drive correctly. I also work very closely with the mechanical lead on one of our products which has given me a higher level view of what goes into designing a hard drive.  My work creating hermetically sealed drives ensures that our customer’s data is protected and allows Seagate to continue to innovate and create higher capacity drives.

    My work is fascinating - hard drives are extremely complicated. There are so many different areas of expertise that go into making them work. There’s also always a new and interesting problem to solve - especially here at Seagate, where we’re always trying to push the limits, discover something new, and get to a higher capacity.

    What is life like at Seagate:
    My teammates are kind, welcoming, hardworking and very knowledgeable. Everyone wants to help me learn, grow and gain different experiences. Because I’m newer, they’re also very understanding as I navigate the unknown. Compared to other companies that I have interned with, Seagate is much less hierarchical. I can schedule meetings with people who are more senior than I am and my ideas are appreciated in large group meetings..

    When I’m not at my desk, I’m taking advantage of our fitness center and even joined a running group for a while. People at Seagate are very active.

    What do you do outside of work:
    As a former competitive dancer, when I’m not working I love to take dance classes for fun. I’m also a huge football fan - Go Broncos and Buffs!

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What Women Should Know about Working At Seagate Technology
We are a diverse workforce of 40,000 creative, hard-working, passionate people all over the world—Silicon Valley, the United Kingdom, Singapore, India, Thailand, China, and beyond. We trust our team members’ intelligence and craftsmanship, and welcome everything they bring to the table. We are problem solvers who believe in data and its ability to shape a better world. While we may come from varied backgrounds and inhabit different worlds, one vision unites us—harnessing the datasphere in order to maximize human potential. Working with us is collaborative, collegial, and exciting. Learn more about working at Seagate.

Programs, initiatives, groups

    • Additional information
    • Seagate Women's Leadership Network groups across the globe are managed by employees and hold local events relevant to women at Seagate. All events are open to both women and men. Members support diverse outreach and recruiting, and site engagement activities. Seagate Women's Leadership Networks provide leadership development opportunities for members. 

      The global Seagate PRIDE! group provides a connection and engagement opportunity for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer employees and their allied supporters.
    • Unconscious bias training
    • Yes, Hiring managers and recruiters receive Behavior Based Interviewing training to prevent unconscious bias in the hiring process.
    • Internal mentorship / sponsorship programs
    • Yes, We offer coaching and mentoring programs for employees throughout all stages of their career.
    • Internal employee networking
    • Yes, Our Communities of Interest (Seagate Women's Leadership Network and PRIDE!) provide employee networking opportunities.

      Our Community Engagement and philanthropic groups and activities give employees a chance to interact and network both in and outside of the office while giving back to the local communities.
    • Succession planning initiatives
    • Yes
    • Diversity initiatives / processes for recruiting
    • Yes
    • Diversity initiatives / processes for performance evaluation
    • Yes

Flexible working

    • Remote working
    • Yes, Our US Flexible Working policy (including eligibility criteria and the application process) covers: Telecommuting, Working from Home Occasionally, Working from Home on a Regular Pre-Determined Basis, and Adjusting Core Work Hours.
    • Part-time working
    • Yes

Parental Leave

    • Paid maternity leave
    • Yes
    • Unpaid maternity leave
    • Yes
    • Paid paternity leave
    • Yes
    • Unpaid paternity leave
    • Yes
    • Adoptive paid leave
    • Yes
    • Short-term disability benefits
    • Yes

Maternity-Related Benefits

    • Lactation facilities
    • Yes
    • Phased-in post-maternity return
    • Yes, On a case-by case basis
    • Fertility benefits
    • Yes

Care-taking benefits

    • Childcare subsidies
    • Yes
    • PTO that explicitly covers care-taking
    • Yes
    • Elder-care benefits
    • Yes

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