Searching For Your Next Role? Here Are 9 Top-Rated Companies That Women Love Working At

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Every year, professional women from around the world give us the inside scoop on what it’s like to work at their companies. To determine what the best companies for women are, we ask anonymous reviewers to give their company a score based on the following categories:

  1. Overall job satisfaction.

  2. Perceived gender equality at work. 

  3. Recommendations to other women about working at their employer.

While this year’s Fairygodboss Best Companies for Women award winners are yet to be revealed (there’s still time to submit your review here), we’d like to highlight the top nine companies from last year that women like you love working at!

#9: Squarespace

Squarespace is a leading all-in-one website building and ecommerce platform that enables millions to build a brand and transact with their customers in an impactful and beautiful online presence. And, at Squarespace, they believe in the power of the individual to make great things. They exist to help people with creative ideas to stand out and succeed — a vision that starts from within. 

As a company, Squarespace is committed to building and developing diverse teams so that they can intimately understand, and create for, the multifaceted cultures and identities of their customers. You can check out open roles via the link below!

Browse open jobs at Squarespace.

#8: The Hanover Insurance Group 

The Hanover Insurance Group is a leading provider of property and casualty insurance in the United States. As a company, The Hanover encourages employees to be their authentic selves and empowers them to offer their unique perspectives. The Hanover believes that diversity in all forms, both visible and invisible, is what drives new solutions, innovation, and top performance. They know that embracing inclusion and diversity is the right thing to do, and it’s also vital to their company’s success. 

Further, the talented women of The Hanover make up 60% of their workforce. This is a testament to The Hanover's strong commitment to developing, advancing and retaining women at their company, all while supporting them with flexibility and resources every step of the way. Sound like a place for you? Check out open job opportunities below!

Browse open jobs at The Hanover Insurance Group.

#7: Klaviyo

Klaviyo — a unified customer platform — believes in a future where all creators have ownership of their destiny. They know that getting there means that Klaviyo must prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion so that everyone gets a fair shot at success. Klaviyo believes that when people can bring their true selves to work every day, they can create a better product, better company, and, most of all, better humans. In exchange, Klaviyo promises employees a safe, supportive environment that uplifts their team at work and beyond. 

Klaviyo is invested in building support for women in Klaviyo at every level, and you can join their team via the following link.

Browse open jobs at Klaviyo.

#6: Pariveda

Pariveda, a consulting firm dedicated to solving complex technology and business problems, constantly seeks out naturally curious problem solvers who challenge convention and look beyond the problem to address the larger picture. The result is a workforce of highly skilled and highly motivated strategic technology and business advisors who are invested in collaborating and serving as trusted guides and resources to help their clients fulfill their mission and achieve lasting success now and into the future.

To achieve these goals, Pariveda adheres to a holacratic organization structure, which aims to empower people by distributing authority and decision-making through self-organizing teams rather than a management hierarchy. Learn more and apply to open jobs there today!

Browse open jobs at Pariveda.

#5: UKG

As a company that provides HR and workforce management solutions,  the importance of walking the walk, in terms of providing an exceptional workplace culture for its employees, is not lost on UKG. That’s why when the company states, “Our purpose is people,” it’s not just talking about customers and its customers’ people — it’s all about taking care of its own employees, too.

As such, UKG strives to create an employee experience that equips and empowers  people with the tools and resources they need to do their most inspired work. UKG takes great pride in its award-winning workplace culture, that you can join, too!

Browse open jobs at UKG.

#4: DTCC

DTCC — a company that stands at the center of global trading activity, processing over 100 million financial transactions every day — is committed to advancing women and is continually hiring and advancing diverse talent, particularly women of all backgrounds. Building gender diversity is one of their key priorities, and they constantly work to create an inclusive environment through initiatives and groups like their Advancing Women Leaders and Emerging Women Leaders programs, ReEmerge program, and an influential women’s ERG group. 

Want to join their team? Apply to open positions via the link below!

Browse open jobs at DTCC.

#3: Luxoft 

Luxoft is the design, data, and development arm of DXC Technology, providing bespoke, end-to-end technology solutions for mission critical systems, products, and services. Luxoft helps create data-fueled organizations, solving complex operational, technological and strategic challenges. They tout a friendly environment, where employees enjoy coming to a workplace where they’re treated with respect within a multicultural team.

#2: Elastic

Elastic is a free and open search company that powers enterprise search, observability, and security solutions built on one technology stack that can be deployed anywhere. And, in addition to being an innovative, widely-used platform, Elastic is also a terrific place to work for women.

At Elastic, diversity drives their identity. They value creativity and mobility across the organization, so you can go deeper, broaden horizons, and grow. And, with fantastic benefits and flexible work options, Elastic is here with the assist while you chase your dreams. Your Elastic career will be unique to you, and that’s how they like it. Elastic is growing fast, so now’s the time to join them!

Browse open jobs at Elastic.

#1: Power Home Remodeling

“Everything we do is rooted in putting people first,” is the motto at Power Home Remodeling, the nation’s largest full-service, sustainable exterior home remodeler.

Power Home Remodeling has a mission to provide their clients with the industry’s highest-quality, most energy-efficient home-improvement solutions. Their core values of grit, courage in the face of adversity, integrity, optimism, care, kindness with selfless concern for others and innovation guid every decision they make for their customers and employees.

Inspired to learn about other great companies for women? Feel free to check out the full list for more companies that women love working at.

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