The Best Pregnancy Apps (That Are Actually Easy To Use) For Expectant Mamas

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Jennifer Mayer
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Scenario: You’re an expectant mother who’s seeking out the best pregnancy apps to subscribe to while incubating your little one. 
As soon as you search the App Store, though, you’re met with a truly overwhelming myriad of app options. How ever does a tired, pregnant mama choose? Thankfully you don’t have to, because we’ve done the investigating for you.
If you’re looking for an app to track your week by week or even day to day progress, we have a few. If you’re looking to stay informed on the current growth, health, and development of your baby, stay tuned and check out our list below. If you’re looking for a community of peers chatting about their pregnancies right in the app, we found those, too. We also found educational features like videos to help you learn as you go. And no list of best pregnancy apps would be complete without a baby app or two, to make sure you’re covered after your little one has arrived.
Methodology: To review and determine the best apps for the pregnant woman, we first conducted an informal poll across multiple mom Facebook groups. We quickly learned there were some trending preferences and patterns for the apps. Secondly, we downloaded and reviewed the top apps in iTunes’s app store for pregnancy/baby and rated each based on information, user experience, features, and voila! The best apps for expectant mothers who are both iPhone and Android users are below. (Looking for a fertility app? Check out our top picks here.)

1. Ovia

Features: track your pregnancy, learn about baby development, immediate response for critical health alerts
Why we like it: The app has a pregnancy tracker and due date countdown. It also gives updates on your baby’s development. For instance, my imaginary baby boy would be 33 weeks old and is “now good enough at breathing that he is doing so rhythmically.” Wow! They also include videos in the app with different specialists in the field, like a nutritionist. You can look up the safety for medications and foods during your pregnancy, as well as get info on some symptoms to help ease your mind in between doctor appointments. For those especially goal-oriented mamas out there, you can even track your sleep, weight, activity levels, daily steps, and nutrition, making this app not solely about baby development — it’s tracking your own development, too!

2. Baby Bump by Northside Hospital

Features: Educational, weekly to-do list, hospital provided information.
Why we like it: Since this app was created by a hospital, it’s understandably very professional. If you’re looking for information you’d receive from your OBGYN or midwife, this is a good, information-dense app. You can learn about healthy pregnancy, preparations for labor and birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, and newborn care. The app takes you through all these subjects — it’s like having a mini Childbirth Education class right in your pocket.
They also have a week-by-week pregnancy to do list, including topics like car seat safety and packing your hospital bag. This is a great way to stay on task throughout your pregnancy so you don’t get overwhelmed with your to-do list in those last few weeks.

3. Baby Names (by The Honest Company)

Features: Name search function, opinion polling, store favorite names, explore similar names
Why we like it: This app has a message board to ask for other’s opinions on baby names. There is a vote function as well, so if you value the opinion of strangers on the Internet (?), this could be a fun way to anonymously get opinions on your favorite baby names! You can keep track of your favorite names and search names by origin or popularity. There’s also a “fun finder” where the app will give you a random name with eight similar names. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get inspired.

4. Glow Nurture

Features: Community, journal, milestone tracker
Why we like it: It’s a very comprehensive, yet easy-to-use app with features that include a pregnancy tracker, milestones, and a daily journal to keep tabs on things like your prenatal vitamins and kegels. You can also monitor any changes you experience like cramps, spotting, or Braxton hicks contractions. You can also update your weight, hydration, exercise, and sleep.
Additionally, there’s a built-in community with chat rooms to connect with lots of other moms who are at the same stage of pregnancy.

5. Sprout

Features: Animation, fetal developmental milestones, journal, pregnancy organizers and tools
Why we like it: If the animation doesn’t make you nauseous, it’s really cool to have a little peek into the world your baby is developing within. You can rotate the animation from all angles to “see” baby growth and development. Additionally, you can click on an area of the screen to learn about fetal development and growth for that particular week.

6. Mind the Bump

Features: Meditations, meditation tracker, due date countdown
Why we like it: This is an especially easy-to-use app and is perfect for moms who want to commit to hassle-free meditation. In no time at all, you’ll be meditating away into pregnancy bliss!

7. Baby Tracker

Features: Baby health log, multiple user access
Why we like it: This app is perfect for parents who need to keep track of their baby’s diapers, feedings, and sleep patterns because you can sync it with multiple users. That means parents, as well as other caregivers, can all access the same account from their devices. This is so important in those early weeks when you need to keep a close watch on all feedings and diapers; in fact, it can be a major baby first-year asset.

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