The Piece of Job Search Advice You Desperately Need to Read, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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June 20, 2024 at 10:56PM UTC
The job search can be stressful — especially when you're working against your cosmic tendencies. Some aspects of your natal chart may be impacting your job search process without you knowing. As the old saying goes: knowledge is power. Let's name the characteristic or tendency of your sun sign that's holding you back so you can overcome it. With that, you're one step closer to your dream job. Here's the piece of advice that will improve your job search, based on your zodiac sign. 

Aries: Your authenticity can help you stand out. 

Aries, there is no one who is truer to themselves than you. Use spaces like your cover letter or phone interview to show off not only your shiny personality but also your unique strengths and talents. We know you're confident — now's the time to let the parts of you you're proud of shine. 

Taurus: Stepping out of your comfort zone isn't just important, it's mandatory.

Taurus, we know you are a sign of tradition, structure and comfort. While those pillars help you build an amazing life, leaning on what you know isn't the best way to approach your job search. Stepping out of your comfort zone by applying to reach positions, sending out feelers in new industries or verticals, and reaching out to new contacts is necessary to finding your dream job. It's time to take a leap of faith.  

Gemini: Find a way to communicate your energy. 

Gemini, one of the best parts of you is your uncontainable enthusiasm for life. You bring this energy to everything you're passionate about — and future employers need to know you're going to do a job not just well but with fervor. Use this energy to tailor each application to the role you're excited about, to write meaningful follow up notes and to really connect with your interviewer. And remember, it's OK to mention how enthusiastic you are.

Cancer: Finding roles that speak to your heart will give you the leg up you need.

I've said it before: Cancer is ruled by passion and emotion. While this may present special challenges on the job search (top-level stress and feelings of hopelessness, anyone?), it can also be your secret weapon. Applying to jobs you find meaningful and making that emotional appeal — when backed up by your discrete accomplishments and skills — can push your application or interview over the edge. Plus, the burst of excitement from sending the resume for your dream role can fuel you for days. 

Leo: Now is the perfect time to flex your relationships. 

Leo, did you know that studies estimate more than 70% of roles are filled before a job description is posted? The job search is the perfect place to use your big, friendly personality and make connections — or call on all the solid relationships you've cultivated before. While it may bruise your ego a bit, remember there's no shame in reaching out to acquaintances and friends to see if they know of any open roles. Set goals for how many messages you're going to send or how many meetings you're going to set up. Then, let your natural charisma (and well-edited resume) do the talking. 

Virgo: While proofreading is good, agonizing over every detail can be a huge time sink.

Virgo, don't lie to me: You've let anxiety over sentence structure keep you from pressing 'send' on an application before, haven't you? Like with anything, perfectionism is good in moderation. Don't let insecurities keep you from submitting a perfectly-good application or hopping on the phone with a potential contact. You've got more under control than you realize.

Libra: It's OK to be direct — and even to brag. 

Libras are natural peace-makers. But in the job search, it's necessary to be direct about your accomplishments, how the organization you'd like to join can improve and how you're going to help make that success happen. Libra, it's a good thing to be direct about what you offer on the job hunt. Consider this your official pass to brag during your next job interview. 

Scorpio: Now is not the time to lack enthusiasm. 

Scorpios are known for their shaded, aloof personalities. But scorpio, there's one thing you need to know: Now is not the time to be mysterious about how much you want a job. Make sure the efforts you're putting into your applications are evident by making each resume and cover letter specific to the role you're applying to. Share how excited you are when you shake your interviewer's hand (or wave at them over Zoom, who knows?). Let your network know you're on the prowl. 

Sagittarius: Finding a way to reward yourself will help you keep your focus. 

Sagittarius, you know as well as anyone that the job search is a lot of often boring work.  Appeal to your free-spirited side by setting incremental rewards for good work. Whether it's joining a yoga class once you've got your applications done for the day or it's baking cookies after you've made some hard follow-up calls, small pieces of joy will keep you energized and focused on the search ahead. After all, burn out isn't the recipe for success for anyone. 

Capricorn: Sending more and more applications isn't always the best approach. 

Capricorn, has anyone ever compared you to the little engine that could? You often meet anxiety or feelings of insecurity with hard work. And while that's a mostly good way to approach the job search, remember that you're human, too. Sending more job applications a day doesn't always equal more opportunities, especially when those applications are sent over for jobs that don't align to your career goals or are sent half-baked due to burnout. Take your time and give yourself a rest every once in a while. You deserve it. 

Aquarius: The job search is the best time to get more concrete. 

Aquarius, you have a flair for the philosophical. While your intellectualism is one of the best things about you, the job search requires a level of objectivity that might be uncomfortable to you. It's time to quantify your accomplishments, skills and experiences. It stinks, we know. But a few numbers in your cover letter or on your resume go a long way.

Pisces: Rejection isn't as scary as you make it out to be. 

Pisces, we love your sensitivity to the world around you. But here's a reminder that the world doesn't have to be as painful as you might expect. While rejections don't feel great, working through them with a trusted friend or professional contact can help you keep pushing forward and putting yourself out there. It's always worth it. 

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