This Company’s Mission and 8 Cultural Values Help Steer Them Toward a Safer, More Inclusive Future

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April 21, 2024 at 9:16AM UTC

“We reimagine the way the world moves for the better”

For Uber, this is more than just a motto. Operating in nearly 10,000 cities globally and consisting of people from a wide range of backgrounds, Uber is united by a passion to build a future where everyone and everything can move independently. And, as a result, they are shaping the future of mobility and changing the way that people live.

To help achieve their goals, Uber relies on eight  cultural values that both preserve their positive culture and enable them to adapt and grow while maintaining accountability: 

  1. Go get it: Bring the mindset of a champion

  2. Trip Obsessed: Make magic in the marketplace

  3. Build with heart: We care

  4. Stand for safety: Safety never stops

  5. See the forest and the trees: Know the details that matter

  6. One Uber: Bet on something bigger

  7. Great minds don't think alike: Diversity makes us stronger

  8. Do the right thing. Period

If you’d like to join a company that prizes positive impact, building together and doing the right thing, then you may want to consider working for Uber and moving the world forward together.

The safe, supportive and inclusive global community at Uber.

To develop a diverse workforce that is full of a variety of unique perspectives in all areas of their organization, Uber is committed to expanding and improving their talent acquisition processes, as well as working hard to sustain a diverse pipeline of internal leaders.

For example, Uber provides training opportunities to managers on inclusive management and cross-cultural competency, publishes an annual Diversity Report and has started a Bias Buster initiative program, which is focused on identifying and training employees to “bust” or interrupt biases during performance calibration sessions.

Further, Uber’s employee resource groups (ERGs) foster awareness regarding identity and intersectionality, in addition to leadership development opportunities for members. A few of the many ERGs at Uber are: 

  • Able at Uber: Uber’s community for caregivers and employees living with disabilities.

  • Immigrants at Uber: Uber’s community for immigrants.

  • Parents at Uber: Uber’s community for parents and caregivers.

  • Women at Uber: Uber’s community for women.

And, through their ERG Ambassador program, potential employees can speak to current ERG members with shared interests or identities to get an idea of what Uber’s culture is like. 

Due to their many programs and initiatives, Uber has made meaningful progress in increasing their diversity thanks to their focus on hiring, developing and promoting women and people from underrepresented groups. For instance, their global workforce in 2021 now has a fairly even gender divide of 57.8% Men and 42.2% women.

On a wider scale, Uber is also committed to fighting racism and being a champion for full equity by using their global reach, technology, data and voice to help create a safe, inclusive company that is also a strong ally and support to the communities that they serve. Uber knows that, by creating an environment where people from every background can thrive, they’ll also make Uber a better company.

“As a company that powers movement, it’s our goal to ensure that everyone can move freely and safely, whether physically, economically, or socially. To do that, we must help fight the racism that persists across society and be a champion for equity, both inside and outside our company,” says Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber’s Chief Executive Officer.

Benefits that we think you’ll love.

In addition to their welcoming culture that employees love, Uber also supports their workforce by providing a variety of helpful benefits. These include:

  • A sabbatical program, which provides employees of five years or more with the opportunity to take time off. 

  • Flexible working opportunities, with employees aiming to spend at least 50% of their time in the office and a process in place for some employees to apply to be fully remote.

    • Plus, employees have an increased flexibility on their preferred office location, instead of being limited to a pre-pandemic location.

  • Support for parents, which includes family planning through the baby’s first birthday, Uber cash for new parents to place orders with Uber Eats or take rides with Uber, support with breast milk while traveling and the Global Caregiver Enhanced Flexibility Policy for COVID, which provides flexible options to parents and caregivers during the extended work-from-home period. 

  • Parental leave, with a minimum of 18 weeks of paid leave to all parents (birthing and non-birthing), whether they have a newborn, adopted or foster child. 

If you’d like to see what career opportunities are available at Uber, click the following link!


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