This is the (Actually Possible) Dream Job You Should Have, Based on Your Personality

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It seems like every time I open my laptop (or, to be more accurate, every time I unlock my iPhone), I see a news story about the kind of job that seems like it should only exist in a unicorn-laden world where everyone is happy. According to social media, there are paid puppy holders, ice cream tasters, roller coaster critics… the list goes on. 

While most of us can’t have those jobs, word on the street is that there is a dream job out there for everyone. Based on our skills and interests, we can find a real-world job that makes us as happy as that puppy-holding job would (or at least one that comes pretty close). 

What amazing career are you perfectly poised for, based on your one-of-a-kind personality? And how can you land it? Keep reading to find out. 

If you’re an extrovert who loves to switch things up, who has a firm understanding of what makes people tick, and who genuinely enjoys putting together action plans to reach your goals (even if they’re in the form of a Pinterest board)… 

You should be a communications consultant. Making your own (flexible) schedule, focusing on the inner-workings of people and deciding your going rate? Sign me up. 

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If you’re an optimist with a passion for planning, interpersonal communication and really diving into the details…

You should be a travel agent. Planning trips to the world’s hottest destinations and making people’s dreams come true all while getting the information you need for your bucket list sounds like a win-win to me. 

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If you’re obsessed with analyzing data, quick conversations and constructing arguments in your head… 

You should be a litigation attorney. This job would combine your love for research, banter and bragging rights into a five-star reality. Plus, the ability to do something impactful makes this role all the more rewarding. 

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If you love organizing every small task in a checklist, keeping a packed social calendar and finding fun in conversations completely comprised of small talk…

You should be a virtual assistant. The ability to work from home but still get your daily dose of social interaction (and exciting job experiences) makes this role your perfect fit. Plus, you’ll be able to scrape elbows with tons of interesting people, make impactful decisions for individuals or groups, and probably get the inside scoop on what airline is best, once and for all (at least in your boss’s opinion). 

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If you’re someone who thrives on creativity, loves to daydream about the possibilities of everything and is most comfortable in front of a room when presenting your latest masterpiece…

You should be a UX Designer. This job will let you flex the creative left-side of your brain in a unique, data-driven way that also appeals to the right-side of your brain. And when the whole brain is happy, you’re happy. You’re welcome. 

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If you are an exceptional listener who’s a bit of a perfectionist and who would have a hard time choosing between big-picture thinking and diving into the details…

You should be an editor. Helping writers tell their stories — while flexing your creativity and problem-solving skills — sounds like the perfect fit for you. Plus, being an editor at a publication you love means the exciting opportunity to dig deeper into your other passions — like fashion, tech or entertainment. 

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If you’re an extrovert who’s always sharing stories, thinking about how you relate to the people or talking through every choice you make…  

You should be a blogger. Using your voice has always come naturally to you, and blogging is the perfect platform to do so. Blogging lets you connect with others, explore topics you’re passionate about and keep every day at “work” a little bit different. 

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If you’re passionate about people — and I mean you talk to every human being you come into contact with passion — and have a love for figuring out how everything and everyone around you works...

You should be a politician. A natural people-person with a heart for service, you would make  the perfect advocate for the masses. Politics allows you to make genuine connections while using your charm to play the game and get things done. Challenge accepted. 

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If you’re the kind of person who’s quick-witted, confident and willing to take calculated risks (and, sometimes, not-so-calculated risks)... 

You should be a venture capitalist. A fast-paced career with tons of space to stretch yourself and learn something new, venture capital isn’t for everyone. But with your natural confidence and quick mind, you’d make the perfect fit for this field. 

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