This is What Kardashian-Jenner You Are, Based on Your Work Personality

Written 8/30.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 16 Advertisement. E! Entertainment.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 16 Advertisement. E! Entertainment.

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Love them or hate them, the Kardashian-Jenner family mean business. Each of the sisters (and their mom-ager) are bona fide businesswomen, often juggling multiple projects and even companies at once. There’s Kylie’s makeup empire, Khloe’s clothing brand and television show, Kourtney’s online media site and shop, Kendall’s modeling career, Kim’s beauty product and perfume line… you get the picture. And on top of the entrepreneurial work they’re doing, the sisters are still starring in “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”… and getting into their normal shenanigans. And by “normal shenanigans,” I mean attending the MET gala, I guess.
Even if they don’t work in the same way we do, the Kardashian-Jenners work hard. In fact, we might have more in common with them than you’d think (except the whole MET gala thing). Which Kardashian-Jenner are you most similar to? Keep reading to find out. 

If you’re an outgoing, bubbly employee who’s as serious about making the office a great time as you are about delivering the best results on your projects (which you always do)…. 

You’re Khloe.

Like Khloe, you’re the life of the party — but you still know how to get down to business. Your natural intuition for what makes people tick makes you a great collaborator and leader. You know what works and what doesn’t, and you’re not scared to share your opinion on both (in a smooth way, of course). Between your great ideas, your enthusiasm for life and your dedication to performing at your best, you’ve got an A+ work personality. Now it’s time to just keep putting it to work. 

If you are a social butterfly who could make friends with anyone, sell them a slice of white bread, then teach them how to make that bread a million dollar business…

You’re Kris.

Just like Kris, your strategic mind and natural charisma was made for the business world. You know how to nail a presentation, dominate a networking event and recruit multiple coworkers to whatever cause you’ve dedicated yourself to in office — all on the same day, of course. Your hustle never sleeps (although I hope you do), and you always know what move to make next to reach your goals. With a work ethic and outlook on life like yours, you’ll never stop reaching them. 

If you’ve dedicated the last few years to finding your chill at work and now find yourself sharing wellness tips with coworkers, meditating at lunch, and spreading good vibes and abundant manifestations at the office…

You’re Kourtney.

Like Kourtney, you are the queen of work-life balance – and your professional life is all the better for it. Colleagues appreciate your cool demeanor and creativity, which you know you can only channel because you take care of yourself. You handle high-stakes situations with ease, know how to bring people together and are always working towards your personal and professional goals. Your holistic approach to life isn’t just healthy, it’s inspirational. Keep doing you. 

If you are a big-picture thinker who’s dreams allow you to be whisked away at work, and who’s primarily motivated by passion and empathy…

You’re Kylie.

Just like Kylie, you’ve got big dreams for your career — and you’re going to keep an eye on them until you make them happen. You are motivated by your personal passions, your creativity and your love for the people around you. With your big heart, your starry eyes and your work ethic, you’ve got big things coming. Don’t give up on that side hustle just yet. 

If you are calm, cool and collected and known for your incisive decision making skills, precise organization and ability to tackle just about anything…

You’re Kim.

Just like Kim, your ability to keep calm in the face of pressure and tune into your tunnel vision makes you an excellent businesswoman. You are willing to put your everything into any project you work on, but your routines and processes make it look easy for you. You’ve got a natural knack for leadership — and you’re a star player no matter what team you’re on. Keep working hard, and you might just become a household name.

If you’re an introvert who works best when you’re alone and allowed to channel your creative energy, who’s always working on a passion project and who’s got a great eye for what works in your industry…

You’re Kendall.

Like Kendall, you know exactly what you’re good at — and you’re really, really good at it. You perform at your best when you are expressing yourself and making something beautiful, whether that’s a speech, a sweet slide deck or, I don’t know, a Vogue cover. You prefer to be alone during the workday, but you’re pleasant to be around in the office — and no one underscores your talents. 

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