This is Your Fatal Flaw at Work (and How to Fix it), Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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If you believe we all have natural talents, you probably believe the inverse, too: We all have natural flaws. 
If you think about it, that may very well be true. If one is extremely detail-oriented, they may give up big picture thinking. If one is extremely flexible, they likely give up a routine, strategic way of moving about the world. Often, to be great at one thing means to focus on it and give up focus on something else. That is, unless your talent is being well-rounded, I guess. 
While not every talent results in a lack, we are all lacking somewhere. And we can look to the stars to shine light on that part of our personality. This list is the fatal flaw of each zodiac sign, it's impact on their work and how to resolve to be better. After all, whether you agree or disagree that talent results in loss, not all talents are natural — many are born. 

Aries: Your temper

Aries, your passion is an important asset in the workplace — you go after what you want and you have the work ethic to back up your dreams. But your temper can make you an impulsive communicator and difficult team member. Cut down on your temper's influence by practicing the five minute rule. Sit on an email before sending it. Don't send that Slack message just yet! If you're in a heated conversation, ask to approach again tomorrow. Better decisions are made when no one is fighting. You owe it to your soft internal self to approach these situations safely and avoid getting hurt. 

Taurus: Your stubbornness

Taurus, you are detailed, logical and naturally bright. While this often makes you a superstar employee, it doesn't mean you're right 100% of the time. Your stubbornness can get in the way of collaboration — and being a good teammate is just as important as being talented at your job. Try to prioritize challenging your own assumptions. Make it a goal to interrogate one of your ideas a week. Let someone else lead every once in a while. You will be relieved. Nothing will go off the rails when you're in charge, anyway. 

Gemini: Your procrastination

Gemini, you are a burst of energy in any office setting. You are bubbly and charming — a social butterfly extraordinaire, even if you're shy. However, sometimes your talkative nature and your interest in everything can make it hard to get your job done. Cut down on procrastination by setting time management goals and rewarding yourself with a social activity you love. For example, if you get that spreadsheet done, you get to send your favorite colleague a meme. That's a win-win situation. 

Cancer: Your impulsiveness

Cancer, you are led by your emotions. It makes you an empathetic leader, an EQ-forward colleague and a good friend. But it can also make you a bit wishy-washy when it comes to solid decision making. Sometimes — in the workplace and in the world — logical, step-by-step thinking is your friend. You can combine thorough decision making with your natural inclination to be close to others by prioritizing talking through decisions with a trusted colleague or friend. Bring notes to your meeting. Anything that makes being intentional a practice. Your big heart combined with a set of rational decision-making skills? A winning combination. 

Leo: Your ego

Leos are eccentric, confident and forward-thinking. They can also have a hard time taking "no" for an answer. Constructive criticism — and actually heeding it — is critical to healthy career growth. In order to reach their full potential, Leo needs to set their ego aside and think about the big picture. That's easier said than done. One way to make heeding constructive criticism a bit easier? Ask for it yourself instead of being caught off-guard. Make it a point to regularly ask a mentor or leader how you can improve. You are amazing — criticism does not mean you are not. 

Virgo: Your need for control

Virgo is the perfectionist of the zodiac. It is a blessing and a curse. While it makes you a highly effective professional, it can also make you a bit of a micromanager. Practice letting go and delegating to your team by openly asking for volunteers on different work. To be even more intentional, before you start new project, think of how each person on your team's special talents could contribute — then set a meeting to get their insights or, if you have the authority, delegate that work to them. 

Libra: Your indecisiveness

Libras are flexible, kind and considerate of every option available. Sometimes, that level of consideration is actually a detriment at work. Libra, if it takes you much to long to make a decision, it's time to work on your self-trust. Intuition can be a strong workplace skill. Practice letting go of your reservations. Set a time limit on how long you can work through a problem. Set up a five minute meeting with a colleague and resolve to come out of it with a stone-faced decision. Try to trust your gut. 

Scorpio: Your aloofness

Scorpios are naturally magnetic. Their air of mystery is part of the pull. But being too icy at work can make others wary of collaborating with you. While you don't need to be best friends with your colleagues, make it a point to network with people on your team. Instead of sending an email, set a meeting in person. Try to talk about yourself every once in a while. You're a warm person — you just need to let them in. 

Sagittarius: Your constant search for the next best thing

One of the best things about Sagittarius is their sense of adventure. They are eternally optimistic and believe in a better life. However, that constant search for the next best thing can keep them from committing to whatever they're doing at the moment — and can absolutely destroy their contentment. Sagittarius, try to live more mindfully. Everyday, express gratitude. Focus on sustainable goal setting. Find a mentor who can remind you how the work you're doing now is setting you up for future success. Keep dreaming big, but let yourself be happy in the moment, too. You deserve it.

Capricorn: Your rigidity

Capricorn knows how to get things done. They are hyper-disciplined and respected by everyone they know. However, their rejection of adaptability can be a huge barrier to innovation and contentment in the workplace. Capricorn, work on being flexible. Surround yourself with people who ask you to be malleable and question your thinking. Try to take career risks whenever they're presented. Remind yourself that while structure is important, the great work is what happens outside of your comfort zone. You are smart and steady, yes. But you are also brave. Lean into it. 

Aquarius: Your need to go it alone

Aquarius, you are perhaps the most individualistic of all the zodiac signs. As a result, you absolutely hate asking for help. However, we never really achieve anything great alone. Leaning on others is perfectly OK. In fact, it's necessary in the workplace. Try asking for more feedback on your work. Assess the skills of your teammates and ask them to contribute to your projects. If you're having a difficult time with the emotional side of something at work, reach out to a trusted colleague. Building strong relationships is not only one of the keys to career success, but to happiness, too. You are capable at connecting with others at a rare depth — let yourself do it. 

Pisces: Your lack of self-awareness

The mind of a pisces is a special place. It is teeming with strong intuitions about the outside world, closely held convictions and a creative approach to every problem ever presented to them. However, Pisces can often be so internal that they actually lack an understanding of how the outside world thinks of them. It's why asking for feedback as a Pisces is incredibly necessary, especially when it comes to one's presence as a leader and public speaker. Pisces, you have a uniquely beautiful way of approaching the world. Help your thoughts become well-received actions by asking for help every once in a while. Then, you'll be unstoppable.