‘Uniqueness Is Inventive’: How Diversity Is the Crux of This Manufacturing Company’s Culture

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Sarah Gordon. Photo courtesy of nVent.

Sarah Gordon. Photo courtesy of nVent.

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April 23, 2024 at 5:36PM UTC

Are you on the lookout for a company that not only says that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is important — but one that acts on this belief, too? If so, then nVent — a company that connects and protects customers with inventive electrical solutions — may be the place for you. Just ask Sarah W. Gordon, the company’s Global Director of Customer Marketing. 

“At nVent, inclusion and diversity (I&D) is about actively welcoming our uniqueness and ensuring each employee's voice is heard, respected, and represented,” shares Gordon. “Uniqueness is inventive. We celebrate and encourage authenticity at nVent. We strive to create and sustain an inclusive and diverse work environment that drives innovation, connection, and growth for our employees and everyone we work with.”

This approach is guided by the company’s four I&D pillars (employees, customers, suppliers, and community), and encompasses company-wide initiatives as well as support from individuals across the entire nVent team.

For example, nVent supports and addresses global initiatives through the nVent Inclusion & Diversity Advisory Council (IDAC). “IDAC members are the champions of inclusion and diversity and articulate advocates for change,” explains Gordon. “The Council is responsible for implementing the strategic plan throughout nVent. In my two plus years as a Council Member, we have been able to establish our internal I&D brand and design and execute I&D campaigns, as well as coach and support ERGs.”

And, on an individual level, Gordon shares how much having women role models has been important in her career, and how she now pays this forward. “I have several mentoring relationships, officially and unofficially, throughout nVent,” Gordon says. “We meet regularly -  at least once a month - to discuss our challenges, share experiences, and celebrate success. Nurturing these professional relationships is important to me, and I intentionally set aside time and energy for these meetings.” This dedication to helping others succeed is found throughout nVent, which helps them grow their truly welcoming culture.

Keep reading to learn more about how nVent creates a more inclusive culture, and how ERGs fit into this…

How nVent supports women like you!

At nVent, “we focus on building a workplace that supports women in doing their best work,” says Gordon. As part of this, in January 2022, the company announced their inclusion in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index. “It was a validation of the steps we have taken to integrate inclusion and diversity into how we do business,” Gordon states. “It was an important step toward increased transparency about gender at nVent, especially in a male-dominated industry.”

In regard to concrete actions, Gordon states that nVent is building a more welcoming workplace by:

  • Offering formalized training on inclusion, embedding unconscious bias elimination in their code of conduct, and asking every executive leadership team member to develop a diversity action plan for their area of the company.

  • Using Employee Engagement Survey results from women across the company to ensure they are meeting their needs.

  • Ensuring that women are in leadership positions across the company. Today, nVent is led by a woman CEO, CFO, and CHRO.

  • Providing dedicated career development opportunities without sacrificing work-life balance. In Gordon’s case, she shares that, “in my 14+ years with the company, nVent has given me every opportunity to grow and advance.”

  • Continuing to grow and empower theGlobal Women’s Network (GWN) ERG which  “aims to provide education, networking, development, and business opportunities for women at all levels at nVent,” explains Gordon. “This mission contributes to creating a more inclusive and respectful work environment where employees feel respected, valued, engaged, and fully committed to nVent’s success, and it is a reflection of our core values.”

All of these initiatives make one thing clear — “the inclusiveness and gender equality culture are obvious and intentional in nVent’s business strategy,” says Gordon. If you’d like to learn more about this culture — and perhaps join the team — browse open jobs via the link below!

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