Uplifting Women at The World’s #1 Job Site and Beyond — How This Group Is Enacting Positive Change

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Historically, women have been paid less than men for doing the same job and passed over for promotions and leadership roles due to ingrained biases. And, in the technology industry, a lack of women leaders and women in technical roles is a well-known issue.

Indeed knows that they are not immune to this challenge, and wants to help address it. That’s why Indeed’s leadership has provided support, targeted benefits and resources to help women in the workforce, one of which is the Women at Indeed Inclusion Resource Group (IRG).

As the the world’s #1 job site,* Indeed has the power to impact the work culture for other companies, meaning that groups such as this one can serve as a guiding voice for global workplaces.

To learn more about Indeed’s support of women and this group, which not only helps the women within it, but the world of work at large, read on...

Empowering women via the Women at Indeed Inclusion Resource Group.

The Women at Indeed IRG aims to “champion a culture of inclusion by providing a platform for advocacy, development and support for women at Indeed and to be the model for gender equality, both in our culture and product offerings,” says Indeed. 

For Indeed employees, this group has helped immensely in their career development. “I joined Women at Indeed because, in my career, I didn’t always get the support I needed, and, early on, I didn’t have a lot of role models who were women or who thought that I could be a leader. And so it’s important to me to give back” said Sarah Grant, Sr. Director, Global Product Commercialization.

The experience of looking for more support is shared by Val Sampimon, a Client Success Manager at Indeed Amsterdam, who worked in the Finance sector with predominantly white male colleagues prior to her position at Indeed. In her former role, she says that ”I didn’t see anybody like me in a management role or a senior role. Being that you don’t see that example, you already automatically feel like it’s a goal that you’re not able to get to.” But, in this group, Sampimon says that, “Talking to senior leadership has been amazing. Seeing the support that we get, it just feels authentic. It doesn’t feel like you’re ticking a box.”

The group has helped many women excel in the tech space. As Quality Assurance Engineer Soumya Madugula points out, with this group, “Women at Indeed are developing themselves, being more confident to speak and they’re actually moving out, giving tech talks at conferences very confidently.”

The group also does “a lot of trainings and workshops that just help women with the issues that they’ve been able to identify as areas that they struggle with and being able to support them,” states Tara Manley, Dublin Client Success Manager. This is because, as Alex Feig,Global Manager, Talent Acquisition says, “They’re willing to invest… in the future. And the future is diverse.”

A Culture of celebrating women and providing exceptional benefits.

In their effort to cultivate an inclusive and accessible workplace where all people feel comfortable, Indeed provides great benefits for parents. These include:

  • Flex working

  • Paid maternity, paternity and adoptive leave

  • Lactation facilities

  • Post maternity support

  • Maternity leave coaching

  • Fertility benefits 

  • On- and off-ramping for parental leave

  • Backup childcare

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