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When the weather starts warming, you can be sure that wedding season is among us. And so many weddings means a lot of gift shopping.

While many guests give money at weddings, others take pleasure in shopping around for the bride and groom who may or may not have a registry. If you're unsure what to possibly gift the newlyweds, however, we've done the legwork for you.

Here are 35 perfect wedding gift ideas that'll make their day even better.

1. Personalized Cheese Board ($35)

Photo via Etsy

Give the gift of a custom cheese board for when the Mr. and Mrs. are hosting their first guests as a married couple. This one can be personalized however you want it.

2. Framed First Dance Song Lyrics ($38)

Photo via Etsy

This framed piece of art is a beautiful commemoration of their wedding day, as it reminds them of the lyrics of their chosen first dance song. It's a sentimental, sweet gift that's totally unique to them.

3. Personalized Serving Tray ($32)

Photo via Etsy

This serving tray is the perfect personalized present for newlyweds who'll be sure to get use out of it when they're hosting friends and family at their home together. Personalize it with their names, initials, wedding date or another romantic mark.

4. Custom Happily-Ever-After Candle Set ($23)

Photo via Etsy

Candles always make great gifts, as people love to light them and relax. Help the newlyweds unwind after their big day with a custom happily-ever-after candle set.

5. Wedding Milestones Wine Labels ($18)

Photo via Etsy

This set of Married Milestones custom wine labels are a beautifully sentimental present to help the newly married couple celebrate all of their upcoming "Firsts" together. Starting with their wedding.

6. Wedding Date Book Art ($65)

Photo via Etsy

Instead of gifting just any piece of art with their wedding date, gift the couple book art. When the book is open, the pages are cut in a way that reads their wedding date. It'll bring some more romance to their bookshelf.

7. Engraved Wedding Spoons ($28)

Photo via Etsy

Engrave some adorable wedding spoons so when the couple is eating meals together, they can be reminded of their special day. These ones say "I do!" and "Me too!"

8. Engraved Whiskey Bottle ($27)

Photo via Etsy

For the whiskey-loving couple, gift them not just any bottle of whiskey, but a personally engraved one. Personalize this set however you'd like.

9. Engraved Wine Glasses ($15)

Photo via Etsy

If they're not whiskey drinkers but, rather, wine drinkers, personalize some engraved wine glasses instead. These ones will be monogrammed with their initials.

10. Scratch-off Travel Map ($36)

Photo via Etsy

If you're attending the wedding of a couple who loves to travel, they'll love this gift just as much. They can scratch off all the countries the visit together.

11. Pack Up & Go Surprise Trip (From $100)

Photo via Pack Up & Go

Again, if the couple loves to travel, give them the gift of a trip! This one is a total surprise. You'll give them the digital gift card with a unique code they can use toward their total trip cost. They'll then sign up for a trip and the team at Pack Up & Go will create a surprise itinerary for them; they won't know where they're going or what they're doing until they get there!

12. 23andMe Ancestry Test Kit ($99)

Photo via 23andMe

If the couple doesn't know their origins yet, and they're curious because they want to start a family of their own some day, gift them an ancestry test kit. This will tell them both their roots, so they'll know exactly where their new family is from.

13. Grill-Top Pizza Oven ($79)

Photo via Amazon

For the pizza-obsessed couple who loves to grill outside, consider a grill-top pizza oven. This will make their stay-in-and-eat-pizza date nights that much better.

14. Smart Indoor Gardening Kit ($113)

Photo via Click and Grow

For the couple who loves to cook together, get them an indoor gardening kit. With this, they can grow their own fruits and herbs, from tomatoes and strawberries to peppermint and rosemary.

15. Aromatherapy Shower Kit ($25)

Photo via Essio Shower

Give the gift of relaxation. This aromatherapy kit hooks right up to the shower head.

16. Cork Globe ($137)

Photo via CB2

For the traveling duo, this cork globe will make an exciting gift. They can tack all the places they've visited together, as they travel the world as a married couple.

17. The Date Night Cookbook ($15)

Photo via Amazon

Help the duo make date nights even better by giving them a book of recipes they can cook together. This one is specifically for those romantic evenings in.

18. Our First of Everything Journal ($7)

Photo via Amazon

With this journal, the newly married couple can jot down all their firsts together. Starting with their wedding day!

19. Our Bucket List Journal ($7)

Photo via Amazon

With this bucket list journal, the Mr. and Mrs. can jot down all of the things they want to do together. Think: Their travels, their dreams as a new family and so much more. 

20. Supernova Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser ($70)

Photo via Nordstrom

Help the couple unwind after so much wedding planning and the big day with this aromatherapy diffuser. They can relax together as a newly married couple.

21. His & Hers Leather Luggage Tags ($45)

Photo via Etsy

For the couple who loves to hit the road, make sure they never mistake their luggage with these leather luggage tags. Customize them, too!

22. Mr. & Mrs. Ceramnic Mug Set ($20)

Photo via Etsy

For the couple who loves their morning cups of coffee, gift them this Mr. and Mrs. mug set. If they're not coffee drinkers, they can use these mugs for hot chocolate, tea and everything else!

23. Our First Christmas as Married Ornament ($17)

Photo via Etsy

If the couple celebrates Christmas, this ornament is the perfect gift. They can hang it on their first Christmas tree as a married couple.

24. Craft Beer Club Subscription ($42)

Photo via Etsy

For the beer aficionados, this craft beer club subscription will be an exciting one to unwrap. They can enjoy new brews together every month.

25. Moroccan Wedding Blanket ($206)

Photo via Etsy

Moroccan wedding blankets are beautiful and they're ideal, as they're designed for weddings. Even if they've never been to Morocco, they can appreciate the intricacy of this aesthetically brilliant blanket.

26. Engraved Mr. & Mrs. Whiskey Glasses ($28)

Photo via Etsy

For the whiskey-drinking couple, these engraved Mr. & Mrs. glasses are perfect. They can say cheers to their new life together.

27. Mr. & Mrs. Robes ($86)

Photo via Etsy

Gift the newlyweds some plush Mr. & Mrs. robes. So they can kick their feet up after all the wedding planning (and wedding!) is over.

28. Engraved Mr. & Mrs. Pint Glasses ($30)

Photo via Etsy

If the two of them are beer fanatics, these engraved pint glasses will get to good use. They can clink to their first beer as a married couple.

29. Engraved Ring Dish with Wedding Coordinates ($38)

Photo via Etsy

Married couples need somewhere to keep their rings. This engraved iron ring dish can be customized with anything, like the coordinates of their wedding.

30. Nosy Wine Club Subscription ($79)

Photo via Nosy Wine Club

If the two of them are wine snobs, this wine subscription will be much appreciated. They can try new wines from all over the world together once a month. You can also just send one box!

31. Atlas Coffee Club Subscription ($60+)

Photo via Atlas Coffee Club

If the couple loves their coffee, this coffee club subscription will be a fun present to open. They can taste coffees from all across the globe every month.

32. Flight Gift Card (Your Choice!)

Photo via Flight Club

If the couple loves to travel, give them a flight gift card. This way, you know they'll put the money toward a trip (instead of bills!). This gift card works with over 300 airlines worldwide.

33. The Modern Love Box Subscription ($38+)

Photo via Modern Love

This is a fun gift for the couple with whom you're especially close! That's because it's an intimate one to spice up their date nights. Each modern love box is packed with romantic games and adult toys. You can also just gift one box!

34. Crated with Love Date Night Subscription Box ($20+)

Photo via Crated with Love

These date night subscription boxes comes with everything a couple needs to have a good night. The boxes are themed with everything from Zombie Apolocalpyse date night to Sweetheart Safari date night and more. You can gift one or a subscription, as well. 

35. Personalized Double Ring Keepsake Box ($30)

Photo via Etsy

The couple is going to want to keep their wedding rings safe when they can't wear them. This personalized double ring keepsake box is the perfect place to put them.

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