What is Numerology and What Does It Mean for You?

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When we think about understanding our personality, we’re usually focused on the zodiac signs: 12 different signs based on birthdates, said to determine anything from career prospects to compatibility with friends and lovers. 
Horoscopes can use your sun, moon and rising signs to give daily updates and predictions of the near future. These predictions are available at our fingertips, easily made readable online, in newspapers or even in app form. 
For those a little less reliant on the planets and the stars, numerology offers an alternative method to learning about yourself, how you deal with others and your future.

What is numerology?

Unsurprisingly and true to its name, numerology is the study of numbers. 
Each number in the system is related to a mystical event or nature, able to determine individual and worldly happenings. Much like the zodiac signs, numerology can determine a person’s character traits or attributes, their emotional reactions and the way they interact with others. However, the practice also uses a system that relates letters and numbers. Numerology uses names, addresses and dates, to predict anything from business investments to real estate purchases. There are even predictions on criminals or future political leaders; for example, Sandy of Sandy’s Numerology from South Africa has shared accurate predictions about global and local politics for years on radio and TV. We can say goodbye to the era of crystal balls and tarot cards. Numbers, based on a logical translation system from letters, are all this method needs.


While numerology has gained popularity in the modern era with its potential political, financial and even social applications (sports fans often swear by the system), numerology’s origins trace back to the sixth century. 
Remember the Pythagorean Theorem from middle school math class? Pythagoras’ ideas breached out of the worlds of algebra and geometry to become the basis of this predictive system. Pythagoras is credited with the fundamental idea of numerology: the association of numbers with letters. Pythagorean numerology, based on his namesake, calculates meaning from numbers based on birth dates and given birth names. He predicted that the cycle of world events could be found from a system of numbers, one that corresponded with letters of the alphabet. 
Based on this ancient science, modern numerology can now be found in countries all around the world. While different types of numerology exist across the globe, each type remains rooted in a system of numbers to determine personality traits and future events. 
Some use both birthdates and given names; others use just one of the two. Some numerologists, like Sandy’s business in South Africa, are incredibly specific, focused on the everyday challenges and obstacles of their clients. Others are focused simply on love and compatibility.

Life Path Number

Regardless of the type of numerology used, the most integral number of the system is one’s life path number. Each number is said to hold a vibration that is specific to a certain set of traits and predictable outcomes. Because this number is based on birthdate, a life path number represents a person’s native traits from birth, ones they are supposed to carry with them their entire lives. Life path numbers are ranked from 1-9; each number is the essence of determining not only a person’s personality, but also their purpose, emotions, challenges and future.
To calculate your life path number, simply add the month, day and year of your birthdate to get a four-digit number. Next, add these four digits together. If this number is not a single digit, reduce it once more by adding the two digits together. This is number, between 1-9, is your life path number.
For example, if someone was born on April 30th, 1969, they would add four (the month), 30, (the day) and 1969 (the year) to get 2003. Their life path number would be five: the sum of two, zero, zero, and three.
So if your life path number is the most integral part of the numerology field, what does each life path number mean? See how each life path number is specific to certain personality traits, identities and life purpose.

Life Path Number 1

If your life path number is one, you’re a natural leader. You’re prone to individualistic desires and a need for independence. This independence often takes the form of innovation. You’re enthusiastic about new projects and driven to achieve the work you’ve already started. When challenges come your way, you combat them with strength and determination. In social situations, you are ambitious and assertive, but always friendly and good-natured. You like to take risks.

Life Path Number 2

Those with the life path number two have a generous nature. You are intuitive about how others feel and work well as a mediator. While you give constantly, you also have a need to feel loved and wanted. In both social and professional environments, you work well in teams where you can contribute to a group. You see all sides in an argument and take them equally into consideration. You are honest and open, and always think and want the best for other people.

Life Path Number 3

If your life path number is three, things often come naturally to you. This makes it easy for you to follow numerous passions and develop your many creative expressions. You often inspire communication between people; you are a good talker, easy to approach and openhearted. You are a loyal lover who doesn’t do well with restriction or jealousy; however, you also seek and need stimuli from other people. You radiate warmth and friendliness.

Life Path Number 4

Those with the life path number four thrive on processes that lead to security and stability. You are naturally industrious and work hard to achieve your goals, often using planning and organizing to obtain success. You thrive under rules and a sense of routine. In your professional life, you pursue career choices that you’re passionate about and can succeed in entrepreneurial or management roles. Patience, determination and perseverance are integral to the way you live your life. 

Life Path Number 5

Life path number five is concerned with freedom. You live with a sense of fearlessness and a love for adventure. You are resilient, dynamic and flexible. While others may fear change, you actively love and create opportunities for innovation. You are a happy-go-lucky person that doesn’t get bogged down by circumstances, but feel restricted in romantic relationships that make you feel too tied down. You have a great sense of concern and compassion for others.

Life Path Number 6

If you have the life path number six, you are a natural nurturer. You thrive on balance and responsibility, always serving others. You are creative, supported and devoted. Your life is family-oriented and revolves around your home and immediate family members. You are a leader by example and sympathetic and kind to those who follow you. On a creative level, you follow visionary pursuits, often questioning the “big picture” and looking at the world at large. You rely on wisdom, balance and understanding.

Life Path Number 7

Those with the life path number seven have a deeply affectionate and emotional soul. While you experience a wealth of feelings, you often have trouble working through your own insecurities. You should trust your intuitions about other people; you are easily able to detect trouble and insincerity in others. You are cautious to accept people, but when you do, they are your friends for life. Professionally, you thrive working independently, specifically in careers that have to do with computers and data.

Life Path Number 8

The life path number eight is often equated with a powerhouse. You have an empowered relationship with money, control and authority. There is financial abundance in your future, although the path to wealth may bring many ups and downs. You are armed to lead, govern and direct and you have strong organizational ability. You are prone to working very hard and take pride in your convictions, especially when trying to advance in your career. Material gains and rewards are very important to you.

Life Path Number 9

If you have the life path number nine, you are highly trustworthy, honorable and judicious. You actively combat prejudice and feel deeply for those less fortunate. Your commanding presence allows you to make friends easily. You see the world with feeling; you tend to be sensitive and are drawn to the arts, music and literary forms of expression. As nine is the highest of the single digit numbers, you have a greater responsibility to mankind. You are drawn to spirituality, creativity and idealism.

What does your life path number say about you? Does it match up with your career pursuits, social life or romantic side? What about how you view yourself? What does it say about your fundamental personality?

The life path number is just the beginning of the system of numerology; while it’s the most integral and well-known number, there’s much more to numerology than just this main identifier. There’s also the expression number, personality number, desire number and birth date number. While the life path number is significant to your core identity and self, calculating and exploring these other elements of numerology can help uncover more about yourself, how you interact with the world and your future. 

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