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Millie Gulley

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April 19, 2024 at 10:2PM UTC

“I was fortunate to join Sprinklr right after graduating with my MBA three years ago and have found the company to be very supportive of opportunities for career development,” Millie Gulley, Large Enterprise Account Executive at Sprinklr, says.

Gulley assumed her new role in early 2022 and works with some of the most iconic brands in the world to help make their customers happier across 30+ digital channels through insight-driven strategies to deliver better customer experiences.  

Gulley worked her way through the Sprinklr Sales organization, demonstrating success and passion for the company and her clients at every level. Previously, Gully was an Enterprise Account Executive at Sprinklr focused on some of the fastest growing enterprises in the world with under $1 Billion in revenue. In her first year in sales, Gulley brought on 11 new logos and hit Club, Sprinklr’s highest level of recognition. “The enterprise segment at Sprinklr is an exciting environment. We bring huge value to some of the most disruptive and fastest-growing companies in the world” she explains. “I’m looking forward to tapping my experience on this team and everything I learned about the foundational elements of selling and relationship building.”

Before her success in sales, Gulley worked to support the teams in several roles at Sprinklr. “Before being an Account Executive, I was both an Experience Development Representative (XDR) and a Sales Development Representative (SDR/BDR) at Sprinklr” she notes. “In the XDR role, I learned how to use our own product to build data visualizations and marketing reports that the inside sales team utilized to create meaningful, consultative and data-driven outreach. In the SDR role, I learned how to successfully prospect, qualify and generate opportunities for both new and existing clients.”

To learn more about Gulley’s career growth and how Sprinklr supports her and other women, read on…

How Sprinklr helped Gulley grow her career.

At Sprinklr, you don’t have to wait to grow your career — you get to take charge from the very beginning. “From day one, I always had very transparent and constructive conversations with my leaders around career aspirations and utilized one-on-one as a great opportunity to road map a plan toward promotion,” Gulley states.

“Secondly, having several mentors who are in positions that I could see myself in (whether in year one or five) helped to close relevant skill gaps, navigate the promotion journey and give me the confidence to take on a new opportunity. I love being outside of my comfort zone and while each promotion felt somewhat daunting, my mentors helped instill confidence that it was the best decision.” 

These helpful mentors and a culture of supporting growth are the norm at Sprinklr, with the company noting that not only are they “passionate about empowering everyone to achieve their personal and professional best,” they also aim to cultivate leaders who “encourage open, authentic and meaningful conversations.”

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Career Growth Opportunities at Sprinklr.

A few of the many ways that Sprinklr supports career development are:

  • The We Care: Women resource group, which supports and encourages women to advance their skills and potential through connection, programming, collaboration and support from allies.

  • Sprinklr's Mentorship Program, which offers opportunities for employees to become mentors and mentees.

  • The Grow Your Career Program, which equips employees with resources to grow and develop in their careers.

  • The Learn2Grow Plan, which provides employees with a map to guide them in their learning and development at Sprinklr.

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