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Work Memes
20 Work Memes That Are So Relatable
AnnaMarie Houlis

We've all had those days at work that are tougher than others — the kind of days that a meme somehow perfectly nails. So we text memes upon memes to our friends, or tag them on social media or ping them on G-chat, only to learn that they're having a similar tough day at work.

These are 20 of those memes that are painfully relatable sometimes. There's a meme for everyone.

1. When Your Boss Asks for Too Much

Photo via Instagram/@work.memes

2. When You Have to Work Weekends 

Photo via Instagram/@work.memes

3. When the Stress Is Neverending

Photo via Instagram/@coworkers_be_like

4. When You Get to Leave Early

Photo via Instagram/@kyleh_26

5. When You Try to Leave Early

Photo via Instagram/@tammyfromhr

6. When It's Not Friday Yet

Photo via Instagram/@realselectr

7. When You're Trying to Clock Out

Photo via Instagram/@_lifeofsarah_

8. When You're Sleep Deprived

Photo via Instagram/@lifeatyyz

9. When Tech Is Too Advanced

Photo via Instagram/@thewallofsociety

10. When It's a Long Day

Photo via Instagram/@damniterika

11. When You Can't Be Bothered

Photo via Instagram/@nikikochanel

12. When You Get Stuck at the Office

Photo via Instagram/@thepharmacyguy

13. When You're Asked to Cover

Photo via Instagram/@litmomm

14. When You Ask Alexa to Cover

Photo via Instagram/@corporateofficememes

15. When You Somehow Nailed It

Photo via Instagram/@found_au

16. When Things Are Somehow Looking Up

Photo via Instagram/@mememaster805

17. When You Finally Take That Much-Needed Vacation

Photo via Instagram/@rambie88

18. When You Can't Sleep In

Photo via Instagram/@dundermifflin_daily

19. When You're Trying to Settle In

Photo via Instagram/@mafiachronicles

20. When You're "Busy"

Photo via Instagram/@abeyyooye


AnnaMarie Houlis is a multimedia journalist and an adventure aficionado with a keen cultural curiosity and an affinity for solo travel. She's an editor by day and a travel blogger at HerReport.org by night.

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